Coaching changes?

i think we are all in agreement that isiah is out of time, out of money, and out of chances to turn this team around.  however, ive been having problems thinking of a possible candidate that would be willing/able to take over.  i believe that there still are coaches that would savor an opportunity to turn the knicks around.  if it worked out, new york would make him into a god.  plus, as bad and embarrassing as this franchise has been lately, it's still one of the NBA flagships.

that being said, there is no established head coach with pro experience that would put himself through the media circus (and restrictions), spotlight, and criticism which comes with being head coach of the knicks.  but, regardless the knicks need to make the coaching move now because there is no reason to continue this season with a lame duck coach.

we know this is not just isiah's fault and that scott layden played a big part laying the foundation of ineptitude.  but we also know that isiah is never going to make this team into a winner.  it's time to cut the losses and rebuild, and not on the fly.  if it takes 2-3 (including this one) years of horrible seasons to fully turn this around, i'm willing to wait.  i mean it can't get any worse than it already is, right?  really, what's the difference between winning 20 games and winning 30 games?  this team and this franchise is already the laughing stock of the League.  the knicks are past the point of just "saving face."  i've been waiting six years as it is and have only seen payroll increases, horrible contracts, bad trades (mcdyess, marbury, tim thomas, curry, francis) and zero playoff wins.  

i compare watching the current state of the knicks to notre dame.  yeah being the joke of college football and being 2-9 sucks (that's the understatement of the century).  however ND is playing a ton of freshman and sophomores and has the #1 recruiting class waiting in the wings.  translation = at least there is hope.  that's the difference between ND football and knicks basketball - there is no hope with isiah and this current team.  i like what i've seen from lee, nate, collins and humpty and i like chandler and morris' upside.  but those players arent dynamic and haven't shown flashes of MVP or even all-star talent.  they have the chances to be very good...very good role players and very good sixth-mans.  what the knicks need is a young franchise talent that they can build around.  first off, they can really cash in with a top five pick, especially with this year's freshman one-and-done class being unbelievably and ridiculously talented (love, rose, gordon, beasley, mayo). all five of those players are dynamic talents that can develop into franchise players.  z-bo is still young (26) and is worth keeping around.  but, as for everyone else?  curry is horrible.  he brings nothing to the table.  he can't defend, he can't rebound and he's slow.  he is never going to come close to being the franchise player that the bulls (originally) or isiah thought.  randolph is basically the same player, yet he is 100X better.  crawford is a one-trick pony (aka he's a gunner), Q is always hurt and plays more like a 37 year-old than a 27-year old, marbury's is nothing but a nuisance and the only value he has is his albatross contract, which will expire someday (in two years).  jeffries, freddie jones, jerome james and rose are dead-weight and should be bought out, cut, or nailed to the bench until their contracts expire.

hopefully dolan has finally woken up and realizes that it is time to clean house and salvage what's left.  play through the season and let some of the younger guys that actually play like they give a shit (lee, humpty) develop. if they make the move soon, i'm willing to be patient.  but ive given up on isiah on marbury on curry and on these knicks.  it's time to move on.  this franchise is currently shooting for 7-8 seeds and 35-40 wins and they aren't even able to accomplish those pathetic "goals".  

i want to hope because their is hope, not because i'm blindly optimistic of the knicks just because i'm a die-hard fan.  i want a reason to believe that 2009, 2010, 2011 will be different than 2004, 2005, and 2006.

please knicks blow it up, fire isiah, and give me hope, give me optimism - fuck, just give me SOMETHING.  

and i'll keep giving you my patience.

April 29, 2001 - the date of the last knicks playoff win.  

how much longer are we going to have to wait?

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