A Fun Mardy Collins Quiz!

Note from Seth: This diary from Barnesgasm was just asking to be promoted.

So the season's over, but if you've watched any of the games recently, you'd see an alarming progression: Mardy Collins likes to shoot. Mardy is a great defensive player, and is decent at driving, but a terrible shooter. This is a problem. Going into the game on Wednesday, he was shooting 23 percent from 3. Since last night's game, he's shooting 21.4 percent - 6-28 on the season - from 3, good enough to rank him 250th out of the 288 players who have hit a three this year. So I've put together a fun little quiz for you, called the "Guess who has a higher 3 point percentage than Madry Collins game!" The rules are simple: Guess who has a higher percentage than Mardy Collins, and who has a lower one. The answers are at the bottom. Remember, 21.4 is Collins' 3 point percentage, and that means its way harder to find interesting people with worse percentages than higher percentages, plus I want to prove a point so I obviously rigged this quiz to find more people with higher percentages. Begin!
A. Matt Barnes
B. Speedy Claxton
C. Chris Quinn
D. Renaldo Balkman
E. James Singleton
F. Zach Randolph
G. Channing Frye
H. Mark Blount
I. Pat Burke
J. Kevin Garnett
K. Marcus Banks
L. Elton Brand
M. Brevin Knight
N. Andrei Kirilenko

This line is to keep you from finding the answers easily. And I'll use it to explain my view on Collins. I like Collins, he's solid on defense and can score and rebound. But he cannot shoot. For his life. During the fourth quarter of last nights game, he pulled up for an 8 footer on a fast break over Kevin Garnett. Maybe him driving wasn't a good option either, but he could've passed, or slowed it down, and we would've had a higher chance of scoring. Instead, it was a brick, and KG grabbed the rebound, the Knicks eventually lost.

Answers: A - Better than Mardy. B- Shanked! Its a tie! Trick Question, bitches! C- Better than Mardy. D- Worse than Mardy. E- Better than Mardy. F- Better than Mardy. G- Worse than Mardy. H-Better than Mardy. I- Better than Mardy, also my boy. J-Worse than Mardy. K- Worse than Mardy. L-Better than Mardy, but he's only taken one three all year, so kind of cheap. M- Worse than Mardy. N- Worse than Mardy
If you got 14 out of 14, you're a cheater, because there's no possible way you could've known he was tied with Speedy, you sick bastard. I hate you. I hate you so much.

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