Knicks 116, Barons 106


Hey kids.  Just in case you were out having a social life instead of watching the Knicks in a early November regular season game against a one-win team, here's your recap.

The Thunder sounds like a WNBA team name.  I mean tell me where the Thunder are better suited: in a league that has team names like the Shock, Sun, Storm, Fever, Dream, and Mercury, or in a league that has team names like the Knicks, Celtics, Bulls, Hawks, Lakers, and Timberwolves?  That's what I thought. 

Anyways, I compiled a list of possible replacement names that all would've been better (I always thought "Disorders" would've been cool because then they could be the OCDs), and that's how I'll refer to the Thunder Barons in this post.  Side note: No, I won't be referring to them as the Oklahoma City Bombers (dude, not cool).

I was unable to watch the game on television, because I was at work, but I followed the gamecast online.  That being said, some of the content in this post may be a dramatization, and may not have actually occurred.


- Apparently Joe Smith is still in the League.  Good for him

- Robert Swift is a freak show.  He's kind of like Scot Pollard on crack, which is scary considering that Scot Pollard probably IS actually on crack.  He actually reminds me of the older Pete from the old Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete and Pete, had Pete gotten really into drugs and goth rock in high school.  By the way, is there anything that looks worse that tatoos on a redhead?  Gingers and ink mix like Jerome James and a Hostess bakery outlet.

 Peteandpete_medium  265236195_064f763f2a_medium
The older Pete, had he gotten really into crack and goth rock...

- I have some ties to a couple of players on the Disorders including Damien Wilkins.  I know that you P&T youngins' may not remember the late 80's Knicks but Damien's pop, Gerald, was one of my all-time favorites.  In fact, I still have a Gerald Wilkins poster hanging in my room.  Also, I watched DJ White all four years at my alma mater and he's probably one of my top five favorite Hoosiers (about 5,562 spots ahead of Jared Jeffries).

- Orange and Blue against light Orange and light Blue - I'm actually glad that I don't have visuals.


- After 1Q: 37-20 Knicks.  60% shooting.  Best.  First Quarter.  Ever.

- Z-Bo only took one horrific shot (a missed 26-footer) in the First Quarter.  The Knicks led by 17.  Coincidence?

- Malik Rose entered the game following a 7-0 Knicks' run to open the Second Quarter.  The Twisters proceeded to go on a 14-4 run.  Coincidence?

- I think Kevin Durant is going to be a great player, but at this point in his career, KD is incapable of doing anything other than scoring.  It's surprising because he was such a good defender at Texas.  Hopefully Durant becomes more well-rounded instead of just turning into the next Jerry Stackhouse.

- Nate came storming out of the gate to connect on his first four shots.  When he's hot, this offense is really tough to contain.  Nate's inconsistent play drives me nuts sometimes, but there's no denying that he's a great asset as a 6th man.

- At one point late in the 2nd half, the Knicks had hit 17-22 from 2-pt range, but were 4-14 beyond the arc.  The genius of Mike D'Antoni in full effect.


- Knicks 68, Court Dawgz 44 (In case you don't get the above reference, OKC has a Arena Football team named the Yard Dawgz.  I'm not joking... dawg.)


Yeah, dawgz! (via

- My dad actually called me at halftime.  This is a big deal because it's the first time my dad has called during a Knicks' game in three years (he didn't even know who or what the Thunder were).  He hadn't been able to put up with all the losing and Isiah bullshit, but it looks like he's back on the bandwagon. 


- At one juncture early in the Third Quarter, Malik Rose did the chair pull on an unsuspecting David Lee.  Lee laughed it off originally.  However, after Malik missed a shot and then turned the ball over, Lee ran onto the floor, kicked him in the groin, gave him a double titty-twister, then took the ball and shattered the glass with a thunderous dunk.  (Dramatization: may not have happened).

- I love Craw when he's taking good shots and making great decisions.  It's pretty obvious that Jamal has been the biggest beneficiary of the Mike D'Antoni hire. 

- Johan Petro played for like five seconds.  I'm not a big guy, but I feel like I would beat the crap out of him in a fight.  Maybe because he's like 110 pounds, or maybe it's because he's French.  I think it has more to do with the latter.  

- Z-Bo only took three three-pointers and he scored 29 points (at least 20 of which were in the paint).   Wow, Zach using his 6'9, 260-pound frame to score points down low instead of hucking up 26-footers?  What a novel concept.  29 points and 19 boards for Z-Bo.  One of his best performances as a Knick.

- Chris Duhon is a shitty three-point shooter.  I apologize if you already knew that, but I wasn't sure if you did because I'm positive that Chris Duhon has no idea that he is a shitty three-point shooter.

- Malik Rose was fouled on a shot attempt and went to the line for two free throws.  He did end up making one, but fuck him for having the audacity to attempt a shot.

 - Shit, I would've loved to have Russell Westbrook instead of Gallo.  I knew the Knicks' three-game winning streak last April was going to cost them (finished with 23 wins compared to 20 for Seattle/OKC).

- I don't know if the Knicks let off the gas or the Cowboy Boots just started playing defense, but the game got scary late.

- 30-point lead cut to 7 with five minutes left.  This is why it sucks to root for the Knicks - they never give you a night off.

- Craw and Z-Bo helped the Knicks avert disaster.  Chalk up another W.


- Lee's line: 28 min, 7-8 FG, 18 pts, 6 reb - welcome back Dave!

- Martha and I had a lovely discussion in the Game Thread.  Screw you guys for having a social life.

- With a 104.8 points per game average, the Knicks are now the highest scoring team in the NBA.  Seven Seconds or Less?  Instead we should call it Seven Seconds or...fuck you, we're already up 20!

- Math time: The Knicks are now 6-3.  6+3 = 9.  9X9 = 81.  81 is one game short of a full 82 game season.  By my expert calculations, the Knicks are on pace for a 54-win season.  The thought of 54 wins is slightly arousing.

- Finally, no Mardy Collins... VICTORY!

Rock the house, Dave.

See you on Sunday.

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