Know the Prospect: Joe Alexander

Editor's Note: Thanks to Arichmix for contributing this profile on a lesser-known lottery prospect. There are still posts to be done if any of you are interested. Enjoy.




Hello, fellow Knick fans. Today on Know the Prospect, I have been given the honor of discussing with you potential Knick draftee, Joe Alexander. I'm sure you have pressing questions about this fella, but I am determined to answer them all.

Who is Joe Alexander?

Very good question. Joe Alexander is a 6'8 hybrid of power forward ability, small forward ability, and pure, raw athleticism. He is a junior at West Virginia, but only 20. Fun facts: he was born in Taiwan and lived there, in Beijing and in Hong Kong for eight years, and moved to America when he was a junior in high school. He is also fluent in Mandarin. That can come in very useful playing for the Knicks. I like this guy already.


What can Joe do well and what can Joe do not well?

Alexander is described as a player that can defend quite well and hit the mid-range jumper. He has great leaping ability which allows him to get dunks and blocked shots quite nicely. Also, terms used to described other players such as "scrappy" and "a hustler" fully apply to Joe, as coaches love his intensity and whatnot. But it's not all fun and happiness and lollipops, there are some aspects to his game that could use improvements as well. His three-point shot is kinda weak, and even though he's very athletic, whether he has the lateral quickness to defend NBA small forwards is questionable. And there's that nagging "he's too raw, not polished enough" factor that it may take some time for him to develop, but he still has the whole upside thing working for him. Also, his free-throw shooting wasn't that good early on in his West Virginia career, but it has gotten better, so that's good. He apparently has "ice water in his veins" or something, because he is very cool in the clutch, which can come in handy if the Knicks collapse late and need a big basket as has been the case over the last 6 years.

Why should we care?

You should care quite a bit because Joseph here can be a very good fit for the Knicks. As previously stated, he is an athletic 6'8 combo forward, and with D'Antoni on board, that may provide a high-flying, fun-and-gun, other hyphenated adjectived style of basketball. A frontcourt of Chandler at the 3, Alexander at power forward, and Lee at center is so D'Antonitastic, that it has to work. Also, he's supposed to be a high-character guy who always gives it his all, thus helping this team stop it's recent spell of laziness and douchiness. Even though he is listed as a SF/PF, we may be better off playing him at the power forward spot so that his speed on defense won't be a concern and we can start both Lee and Chandler.


Can this white boy dunk?

In a word, hell yes.



Does Joe Alexander have any nicknames?

Joe already is a nickname for Joesph, dumbass. And if that doesn't work for you, Joey might do the trick. However, we need something more, his nickname is apparently "The Hammer", which I have to admit, is pretty good. Perhaps if really starts wreaking havoc (in a good way), "Alexander the Great" may suffice. Oh, you're so versatile, Joe Alexander.


Why should we or why shouldn't we draft Joe Alexander?

Let's start with why we should not draft Joe Alexander. I can only think of a handful of small reasons. One is that if Jerryd Bayless falls to number 6, I don't think we have a choice other than to draft him. Also, if we aren't able to move Zach and/or Eddy before the season starts, we're stuck with a giant clusterfuck at the 4/5 spot, and not playing either of them would just lower their trade value further once we reach the trade deadline, screwing us over even more. But other than that, he seems like he'd be our guy. He's young, athletic, has a good set of skills that we need, and best of all, has a good attitude and work ethic. Also, it'd be the ultimate nail in Isiah's coffin that we draft a member the race that he despises the most once we get rid of him. He will break down in tears and possibly kill Zach Randolph, both of which are acceptable. So, Joe "The Hammer" Alexander seems perfect for us in every way. Good job, Joe.

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