Third SL game: SummerKnicks (85) vs. SummerSuns (80)

Sup fellas. This is the third game of the 2008 Knicks Summer League. We've split the first two games 1-1, and it's coming down to the wire! This may very well be the most significant of all these insignificant games in terms of unimportant momentum needed to finish out the rest of this meaningless mini-season. Today we'll be facing D'Antoni's former team's team, the Phoenix SummerSuns, who also maintain a 1-1 record. Introductions!


SummerKnicks starters: Mardy Collins, Von Wafer, Anthony Roberson, Wilson Chandler, Paul Miller

Rounding out the SummerKnicks: Antonio Graves, Dan Grunfeld, Marcus Hall, Delonte Holland, Brandon Hunter, Antione Johnson, Zhang Songtao, Renaldo Balkman, Nate Robinson, Danilo Gallinari (italicized means injured)


SummerSuns starters: DJ Strawberry, Alando Tucker, Marcus Vinicius, Judson Wallace, Robin Lopez

Rounding out the SummerSuns: Jiri Hubalek, Taquan Dean, Justin Cage, Jared Jordan, Vladimir Golubovic, Ekene Ibekwe, Ivan McFarlin


  • Hey kids, remember Haywoode Workman? Former point guard for the Indiana Pacers who's whereabouts you've been wondering about for the last 11 some odd years? Well, if you guessed that he's trying to become an NBA ref and is doing NBA summer league games, you are correct.
  • Jared Jordan is on the SummerSuns! Remember him? The lovable caucasian on our preseason team last year that everybody in the world was rooting for, even though we knew he had no chance. He's trying to make it happen with Phoenix, I guess.
  • Just a thought. You get rid of the beard, and have a few drinks, Robin Lopez would be a somewhat hot chick.
  • Von Wafer and Anthony Roberson REALLY like to shoot.
  • Nate Robinson isn't playing, but is on the sidelines "cheerleading" as Crispino says. He's rocking an oversized white t-shirt with a visible wife-beater underneath and a big-ass hat worn backwards and slightly to the side. I wouldn't expect anything less.
  • D'Antoni is miked up. Doesn't say anything all too funny or interesting, although he does say that Nate Robinson is one of the 10 most athletic players in the league. Sweet.
  • Chinese guy suck.
  • Delonte Holland is not human. Without exaggeration, if you watch this guy play, you will not think he is from this planet.
  • I hope the people who vote for the contestants for the Slam Dunk Contest watch Summer League games because Wilson Chandler can give Dwight Howard a run for his money. Given that Dwight Howard is replaced with a summer league player.
  • Ooh, a special on the New York Liberty on the Boomer Esiason show tonight at 6:30, count me in.
  • According to Mike D'Antoni, he spends more time with Phil Weber, than he does with his own wife. How wonderfully disturbing.
  • At one point, the camera panned on Wilson Chandler for a full 8 seconds, and that still wasn't enough time to count the number of tattoos on his arms alone.
  • The really good chemistry that Mardy Collins and Wilson Chandler have on the court is kinda ironic considering they seem to be opposites of each other.
  • The Chinese guy is the worst player in the history of organized sport.
  • First D'Antoni, now Greg Brittenham is gonna be miked up. Ooh, excitement is likely to ensue.
  • Greg discusses how he stresses the importance of a well-balanced diet and exercise regimen for each of his players....I'll skip the Curry/ZBo/Jerome joke for now
  • Brit is asked who the most fit Knick is, and he agrees with Crispino that it is Nate, but says that a lot of guys have been working hard, like David Lee who he says has not missed a single workout since the season ended. Seriously, if David Lee is traded, Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni better keep an eye open behind them at all times for Arichmix with some sort of weapon.
  • Near the end of the third quarter, Zhang Songtao bumps himself up from the worst player to ever step foot on a court, to one of the top 40 worst players to step foot on a court; at this rate, he'll be on the level of Jermaine Jackson by the end of the game.
  • Nate Robinson is miked up!
  • He always knew he wasn't going to be very tall, so he worked hard, he's talking about all, "Just believe in yourself, and try your best". He'd make a great host of a show to inspire people.
  • Listening to Nate Robinson speak and his voice, I really regret that he was not miked up the day of the Knicks-Nuggets brawl.
  • Nate Robinson said "suck" on TV, saying that the Seattle not having a team now is gonna suck .
  • Another funny Nate quip involving the word "suck". He says regarding the Sonics situation that, "he's gotta suck it up....pause." Ahahaha, he and Gus Johnson would be best of friends.
  • I really hope Mardy Collins doesn't get cut or nothing, he really would be a good player for this team.
  • Hurray, another SL game coming down to the wire! The Knicks are up by two with 20 seconds to go. Expect this to be on ESPN Classic soon as an "Instant Classic",
  • The infalliable Delonte Holland saved our game! Knicks up by three, DJ Strawberry puts up a three, Holland blocks that shit. Somebody raise his summer league jersey up to the SL rafters! Right next to Roderick Wilmont and Brian Greene!
  • Yay, SummerKnicks win! Suck it all those who play and root for other teams.


Key Performances:

Wilson Chandler - 31 points, 12 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block - Looking very bright here, passing could use a little work, but still very impressive.

Mardy Collins - 13 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists - On the bright side, he didn't shoot below .500 in either FG%, FT%, or 3P%, but he didn't shoot all that much. Very good passing though.

All the people you never heard of who won't make the team - Everybody except Paul Miller scored

Zhang Songtao - 6 points, 3 rebounds, 1 block, 7 fouls - Chinese Jerome James? I want that poster in my room.

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