Wednesday Bearded Pigs


Happy hump day, babies. I've got some delightful links for you this morning. Enjoy.

- Steve Mills got demoted in favor of some guy named Scott O'Neil. Since Walsh ostensibly reports directly to James Dolan, none of this should matter on a basketball court. In the court of law, though, O'Neil's experience and unselfish play brings a whole new look to the MSG lineup.

- Tommy Dee thinks the Balkman deal was a step in the right direction. I just think we're short on fun hairstyles now. Mardy Collins should get himself an afro hat.

- An extensive, somewhat schizophrenic opus on the current state of the Knicks from an excellent new sports blog in three parts.

- For those of you still worried (or still hopeful, I suppose), it sounds like Artest isn't our guy. When's the last time two stars were exchanged in a fair deal?

- It's that time of year, my friends: the rookie photo shoot! Watch as your favorite up-and-coming players pantomime basketball action and generally look like douchebags! My favorite part is the variety between photos. I want to meet the person who decided that O.J. Mayo should straddle the ball like it's a flying mechanical bull, but Ryan Anderson? No, he should hold it by his side and take on the persona of a solemn, wistful orphan. Meanwhile, Donte Greene gets the classic Burt Reynolds treatment. What gives? Maybe I missed it, but I don't see Danilo Gallinari anywhere, and I don't know why. They could use his experience. Let's just say he's done this before. Could be that he's in Italy with the Olympic team.

- Knicks positional battles this offseason: point guard, small forward, and 17th Knicks City Dancer. Cece has my vote, but I'm in the minority.

- I was just about to wrap up this post, but then I found this bit of news. Our very own Randolph Morris is taking his talents to Atlanta. Dolph, a free agent, is said to be signing a two-year deal with the Hawks. I don't know if he warrants a whole farewell post, but I wish the best of luck to a guy who never got his due in New York. Let us not forget Dolph's notorious late night ride in Kentucky, nor the ill-fated "Let Dolph Spin!" campaign.This week has been a hard one for pot dealers in midtown Manhattan.

That's it for this morning, folks. Remember to say please and thank you. Get big dogs.*

*Myself and a couple of my friends have decided that "get big dogs" ought to be the new cool phrase for bros like ourselves to say to one another. Make it stick.

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