Mase says RELAX...

(I usually hate referring to myself in the third person, but I needed an attention-grabber).

In case you didn't realize the season started, the Knicks are 0-2.  A blowout loss in Miami was followed by a double-overtime loss to the putrid Bobcats.  Here we go again.

Yet, a lot of you (some newbies to the site, which is great) are screaming for Mike D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh's heads on a platter.

Not to sound too blunt, but who cares?

Is it frustrating that this team is pathetic?  Of course.  But, there's nothing that Walsh or anyone else could've done about it this season.  I mean, what's the difference between winning 20 games and 35 games?  In either scenario, the Knicks don't gain anything.  I hate to see this team be a last-place punchline, but it's not like the Knicks can become even more of a joke than they already are, even if they went 10-72.  The only thing that makes me want to punch the wall and mercilessly stomp on the heads of woodland critters is the fact that the Knicks don't have a first round pick this year.  There is no silver lining to winning 20 games.


I hate you so much.

What happened to said first round pick (of the unprotected variety)?

Isiah Thomas (drink!) sent it to Phoenix, who then sent it to Utah.  In a hilarious chain of events, the Jazz will have acquired a potential top-five pick for Keon Clark and Ben Handlogten.  (Cue squirrel head-stomp)

Try blaming that on Walsh or D'Antoni.

It's silly to blame the new regime because no matter what they did via the draft or free agency, the Knicks wouldn't have improved enough to climb over Orlando, Boston, or Cleveland this season.  Hell, I doubt they could've even surpassed Atlanta or Chicago.  Would Jason Kidd have made that big of a difference?  How about Grant Hill?  Hey, maybe if it was 1997, the Knicks would've been one of the top teams in the league with that dynamic backcourt.

The focus is on the future as it should be.  The biggest mistake this franchise made was not rebuilding at the end of the Ewing era***, and trying to piece things together by throwing money all over the place.  The current regime seems to have some sort of plan in place which is a lot more than I can say for either Scott Layden or Isiah Thomas (drink!) and their whole Hire-a-Coach, Fire-a-Coach merry-go-round. 

***isn't it ironic that after all the Ewing-haters wanted him run out of town in late 90's, the Knicks haven't won a single playoff series since he was dealt?  2-7 playoff record and 7+ losing seasons since Ewing's departure - that was after fourteen straight years of making the playoffs and eight straight seasons of reaching at least the Conference Semifinals.  Guess what Bill Simmons?  Your Ewing Theory is fucking bullshit.

As for D'Antoni, it has to be tough to run SSOL with a bunch of guys that can't shoot the ball (outside of Gallo).  I'm going to hold off judging him until he has someone other than Chris Duhon starting at point.  At least he seems to be the best coach this team has had since JVG, even though that isn't really saying much.

I've sat through this entire decade of bad basketball and even worse management.  I'm almost numb to it.  The most surprising thing to me is that people are actually shocked to see this team struggle.  Any realistic fans knew that this was a group that on paper was going to struggle to win 30 games. 

April 29, 2001 is the date of the last Knicks' postseason victory (not to be confused with April 26, 1992 - the Sublime song).  That was almost nine years ago.

I'm frustrated just like all of you, but one more year of sucktitude isn't going to bother me. 

Give Walsh and D'Antoni a chance to right this ship. 

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