guide to: no more love

i see you pussies hanging out at your mom's house.  in the den.


you look stupid.

what's up man?  i wanna tell you, you got anal-havoc for breath.  thanks for reading this.  you feel truly pathetic forever and ever.  your butt feels like flames are coming out of those tumultuous wet farts.  lemme tell you something- if you fawned over me i would stick a god damn fork in that sweaty armpit of yours.  i'd jam it right the fuck in there.  youd cry like a pitiful puss.  and i'd punch your god damn goody-two lights out for it. 


i don't care how much weed you smoke.  you're a puss. 


for the past year you canker sores have been pissing your pants over lebron james.  this year it's him and brandon jennings.  it's time to pull the yeast out of your infections.  i'll admit, when we dumped jamal crawford and zach randolph, i rubbed my hands together until they got all grubby like yours.  but if you've learned anything from watching the jersey shore on marathon, you would know that the situation is the situation.  and the only way to change the situation is a lobotomy.  which we've got all scheduled up.


so come up close and let me jam this pencil in that sticky, disgusting ear of yours.  no more love.  stop being little pussy babies.  don't take a shot of tequila, you piss ant.  drink a glass whiskey, top shelf, neat, and leave a generous tip, you fucking asshole.  don't attempt to talk to me until the hair on your liliputian sack is coarse like a god damn steel brush. 




and if you weren't so filthy i'd tell you to scrub that grime out of that fuzzy brain of yours, with your newly acquired steel.  we'll win with whoever we got.  you just shut up your annoying face.  you shut that piece of shit tight.  and for a long time.  cus i don't wanna hear you have nothing to say.  you're makin me sick with your desire. we're gonna be a winning team no matter what.  lebron don't mean shit to me right now, except that he gets big boos for coming into the garden, just like every other player on every other team in every other division, conference, league, sport, country.  WHATEVER


if you ain't a knick, you deserve a smack in the mouth.  and as fans, if you don't join my mob mentality, you're the stinkin puss that should be eradicated.  no fawning over anyone ya'll.  that shit is a pause for your whole fucking life on earth.


a wise man once said:  you shut the fuck up and you shut the fuck up.  that's what the fuck you do!

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