Knicks 113, Hornets 96

Editor's Note: Thanks to Stingy for the recap. We now resume normal programming.

first half was kinda bad.  went in to the locker room feeling somewhat like possibly we could have a chance to win it, theoretically.



harrington from half court to end the first half

toward the end, we made them give up.  and got our fourth straight for the first time since 2006. we scored 18 of the last 18 points of the game.  on our way to shooting em up and sleeping in the streets.  next  game is tuesday.

at the end i'll give you a special glimpse of how it all played out.  let's get to it...


the main chef tonight was duhon.  chris had 9 assists and no turnovers.  larry hughes got into the action as well with seven dishes to one turnover.  after that we had a smattering of guys with 2 and 3 assists.  all in all 26 dimes on 43 field goals made.  not too shabby.  the ball movement was good, and a few times the only problem was over-passing.  as a mope who used to play ball, over-passing is totally acceptable because it shows that the guys are playing together and making the right decisions, they just need to be a little more assertive.  and down the stretch, we got what we wanted. 

new orleans had a higher ratio of assists to baskets, but they had a pitiful second half.  fuck them.  they suck.  chris paul's ankle was still hurting and it made me laugh at him.  cus i don't care if his ankle hurts.  in fact, i hope it hurts.


well, only two players shot less than 50%.  surprise, surprise they were jared jeffries (1-3 FG, 2-2 FT) and larry hughes (3-10 FG, 1-4 3PT).  but after that we made it happen. 

three guys scored 20+ tonight.  wilson chandler was on, making his mid range jumpers consistently and getting a couple dunk and lay-ups to keep the defense honest (10-15 FG, 0-2 3PT).  duhon was even getting the ugly shots to drop on his way to 22 (7-11 FG, 6-8 3PT).  and al harrington led all scorers with 28, shooting 11-20 and 4-7 from downtown.  i liked how harrington approached the game tonight.  he let the team flow and stepped up when his number was called.  didn't force much and attacked the rim.  david lee added 17, and gallinari came off the bench to contribute 12.

david west led the way for the hornets.  and i'd love it if -before the year is out- someone, somewhere in this league, sucker punches david west.  if i was about 6'5" and muscle bound, and a professional basketball player, i'd do it my damn self.  i'll pay the league to take a vacation.  no problem dudes.


the knicks had the edge tonight winning the rebound battle 47-41.  the whorenets beat us on the offensive glass, but i chalk that up to the amount of shots they missed.  51 to be exact.  david lee cleaned the defensive glass getting 14 caroms tonight.  the other major figga in the rebound game was gallinari, hauling in 11 boards, including one on the offensive end late in the game that (along with the late three-point shooting) probably helped us stay above water tonight.  also of note, harrington got 7 rebounds, and wilson got 6.  same as the amount of fouls he got.

the interesting thing is wilson was poised to play to the finish but because he fouled out (phantom call), gallinari came back in and made everyone seem a little more honest. it kept the floor spread, and obviously the shots were falling.

the hornets got a few rebounds, but their main dude stunk it up with a non-pivotal 5 rebounds.  hats off to emeka okafor who seemed mostly upset that he had to play at all.  



man we shat ass in the first quarter.  we spotted new orleans 11 points to start the game, which seemed stupid.  we ended the first down 9 points and played even with them in the second quarter.  oh, but the second half! we locked in on their only shooter, whats his face... balding, not really good anymore.... anyway we held them to 17 points in both the third and fourth quarters.  7 steals and 7 blocks!  jared jeffries had 3 steals and 2 blocks, and played solid defense all around.  did you know he leads the league in charges taken?  3 blocks for wilson chandler and 2 cock blocks for your mans and them. 

new orleans had little success on defense.  2 blocks 4 steals.  their strategy seemed to be:

1.  complain to the refs (david west better shut his mouth)

2.  hope we miss shots.

it worked.


despite the arrival of my DWTDD t-shirt, and my subsequent wearing of said shirt, p-tone was anchored to the bench.  jordan hill's pig-tails were hog-tied to it.  marcus landry was on the inactive list.  and nate... while not a youngster anymore, is still a kid at heart, and thusly is not allowed to play. 

the hornets had some idiot on their team trying to give me a headache.  i guess he's a rookie.  there was another one just like him too.  barrel of dicks, that team.


we shot 52% from three (13-25).  duhon made some shaky threes, and he splashed a few too.  harrington banged home two from the same spot on the wing late in the game.  gallinari rattled home an ugly one at the very end that inspired a cock walk with his tongue out. we poured it on late, and the hornets are busters, so they combusted.  we won't always shoot that well, but in the beginning of the year we were shooting 32%... we're somewhere in between.  time will tell.

we've been slowing the pace down, and the joke was made that it is now 17 seconds or less.  fair enough.  the ball movement is the key.  if we play together and go for the win as a team we could make a playoff push.  if we think we're real good, we'll get stagnant and die (by the three).

i gained a ton of respect for kelly tripucka. he got a bad rep last year for being a bad luck charm.  but seriously?  kelly tripucka is not a palooka.  he got so flustered at the end of the game they he could barely get the words out.  but basically he lambasted the zebras for calling a carry on al harrington late in the game, despite letting chris paul get away with it all night.  basically kelly doesnt mind if you call it, but call it consistently.  i couldn't agree more.  and i loved the passion, and the benedict arnold aspect of his commentary game last night.



also mike crispino had the play by play.  did anyone notice that we dove on the floor in vane a lot?  i felt like i saw us diving, not because we wanted the loose ball, but because we thought it was what we're supposed to do.  not a good look, boys. 

and lastly, i think this should be tradition, but it's painstaking work.  and it keeps me from wanting to really really re-cap, but here it is....


Lets hope these knicks play like they have the last few games and get a win.  Knicks need to get all up in that rectum..... lookin sharp early. 

well, there goes our win streak.  3 minute's in and the game's over.  

 in comes gallo and promptly nails one.  gallo will be an all-star one day.  gallo our savior.  do what danilo gallinari do.  hopefully there will be a day when gallo gets calls because he's gallo.  gallo sitting on phil jackson. gallo needs a point for a double double.  got it!  wow.  gallo's defense was a big "shut your mouth" to all those writers who look at him and say he's a liability on defense because he's skinny and white.  he had a very good, and very clutch defense tonight.  in addition to lights out 3 shooting, I like Gallo's boards.  Cock Block sealed it.

I want Eddy Curry to play really well.  its curry time!  hornets immediately go on 8-0 run, just kidding.  do what eddy curry do.  a walking mistake.

HUGHES!  The Cock and Hughes.

Um, Where is Toney?  Im going to ask where Toney is again.

nate liked that play giving the gator chomp

when duhon and harrington hit threes like that, it's pretty hard to beat the Knicks.  Duhon Needs his mom to send him more of that gumbo.  this new aggressive duhon waits for impending apocalypse.

Jared Jeffries, another good game from him.

Bank shot threes just became the new layup.  Give credit to the defense.  It feels really weird to say, "give credit to the Knicks defense." Boy! That hasn’t rolled off my tongue since the 90’s.  Yea the defense shut shit down in the second half. 

holy TITS!  Knicks pushing for the playoffs is all I’m interested these days.  these last few games have been a lot of fun.  raining 3's.

thanks for being there tonight everybody!  gotta love a win.  maybe duhon's nickname should be balls. because then we could have cock and balls.  what you think, chris?



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