Are you serious?

To all of you ignorant drones out there still hating on D'Antoni and saying we should fire him...

Are you serious!!! Is Steve Kerr paying you guys to say this stuff, or are you just stupid on your own?

The Knicks are winning games. I repeat "THE KNICKS ARE WINNING GAMES!" What else is going to make you happy? Do we have to go 72-0 before you stop talking smack about D'Antoni?

Okay, so we lost to Miami on National TV, but you know what? Miami has one of the best players alive on their team, and they're a lock for the playoffs this year. They are supposed to beat us, and they did. It would have been nice to pull the upset, but we didn't. Whatever.

Still, the Knicks are taking care of the teams they are supposed to be beating. We're handling our business for the first time in I don't know how long. What do you want!!! Admit it, you're just shortsighted and hateful.

We've all been bashing Jeffries for a long time on this blog, myself included, and he deserved it. But you know who finally figured out how to use him correctly and squeeze some magic out of him??? D'ANTONI!!! None of us ever thought we'd be glad to see Jeffries check BACK INTO a game, but the way he's anchoring our defense right now, we get nervous when he goes to the bench. D'Antoni did that.

Bump all those people who chant "We want Nate." I don't even understand how there's an argument there. First we were complaining about how D'Antoni is shuffling his line-ups and rotations too much. Now he finally finds a rotation and sticks with it, and you're complaining about it! His rotation is working. We're beating the teams that we are capable of beating. What do you want!!!

D'Antoni is getting more out of this horrible roster than any of you could. What's your gameplan? Give the ball to Nate at the top of the key and get clear everyone else out? Force feed the ball to Curry on every possession? What are you sleeping with Isiah Thomas' playbook under your pillow? Stupid!

If the Knicks are finally playing defense and beating the teams that they should be able to beat, then the coach is doing his job. If you still have a problem with him because he's got your favorite player riding the bench, then you're just plain selfish. The Knicks winning is much more important than the feelings of any individual! Get a team mentality or just get out. Haters.

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