Lebron's Ideal Team and another 2010

I will basically boil down what Lebron needs in his team:
 (more after the jump) 

Lebron's Ideal Team

PG- Mo Williams/John Salmons type creator, shoot the 3, basically a combo guard
SG- Defensive stopper with 3 ability (Raja Bell/Bruce Bowen type)
SF- Lebron
PF- Shoot the 3 ball, hustle and can run the floor, more a SF/PF tweener (Gallo/Antawn Jamison)
C- Shoot an 18 footer, protect the rim, run the floor and finish

This is Lebron's ideal team.  He doesn't need Dwayne Wade (although I wouldn't doubt they could make it work).  The reason why the Cavs don't suck is because for the most part, they have a team that plays to Lebron's strengths (Shaq aside).  They've surrounded him with 3 pt shooters who can defend and run the floor (Big Z aside). 

Remember, they won 60+ games last year with essentially this formula, the only reason they didn't make the Finals is because they didn't have a PF that could defend Rashard Lewis/Hedo.  I doubt they would've won the Finals with the Laker's size up front, but they at least matched up decently (I think if they some how got Antawn last year, that would've pushed them over the edge)

Where do the Knicks Fit In?
We right now have 1, maybe 2 players who fit this need: Gallo (PF) and Chandler (SG), although Chandler isn't really a 3 pt shooter and hasn't demonstrated enough as a defensive stopper, just the potential is there.  Toney Douglas could become that combo guard and Hill could be the C that can shoot the 18 footer and protect the rim, although TD is closer to what fits this system.

All this being said, for 2010 to work, we need to work and make changes.  We need a SG with some length and the ability to shoot the 3, need a C who can run the floor and hit a J and defend, and a combo guard.  This is a lot to ask for. 

Chris Bosh would fit a major need at C, allowing Hill to develop, and if we can some how turn Jeffries/Lee/Curry/Robinson into a decent combo guard or a SG with defensive prowess and 3 Pt. ability (essentially a Raja Bell/Bruce Bowen type).  The SG position can come cheap and a frustrated team with a unproductive combo guard can come cheap as well. 

 Also, with this system, you'd have created a clear pecking order of the top 3 guys: Lebron / Bosh / Gallo (as his development would indicate that he can become this type of player...think Kukoc during the MJ/Pippen latter years).

My challenge to the fine folks here is suggestions on this combo guard (assuming TD is a couple years away from being this guy) and SG type(Someone like Rudy Fernandez or Courtney Lee would be perfect)?  I'll leave up the trade scenarios up to you, but just putting this out there of the type of players we need. 

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