I was on the Knicks website about five minutes ago, because I wanted to see if they played sometime in the next few days, and something caught my eye: it was an ad saying "Download the song "Go NY Go!"", and it had a little picture of Q-Tip.

Now, back at the beginning of the year, I was psyched about the prospect of Q-Tip recording a song, but, only a few months later, I'd almost completely forgotten that such a song even existed. The Knicks stopped using it in ads, showing it during games, etc. I haven't been to the Garden all year, so maybe they're showing it there, but it's completely fallen out of usage on the tv at least. So I decided to take a quick look back at the video itself, and quickly realized why. Take a peek:


One thing you'll notice is that people in this video can be put into two distinct categories

People who play for the New York Knicks:

Chris Duhon

Nate Robinson

Wilson Chandler (who is in the video for approximately 3/4 of a second)

Quentin Richardson (who is basically out of the rotation at this point)


People who do not play for the New York Knicks, one of which is under contract but is kinda fat and has only played +/- two minutes this season and has no desire to play and wouldn't help that much anyway

Jamal Crawford


Stephon Marbury

The Knicks City Dancers

Eddy Curry


Although we've all been absurdly disappointed and frustrated at times with our team's performance over the past few months, and for good reason, but think about this: three or four months ago, the Knicks PR staff thought that the people in this video were meant to represent the Knicks season.

Six of them - Q-Tip, the three Knicks City Dancers, Steph and Eddy - have combined for about two minutes of total playing time, and Jamal hasn't been with the team for months. And yet, hey, we're on the brink of a playoff spot. The players figuring most prominently in the video - Steph and Jamal - play for other teams altogether. On the other hand, two of our most important players - Duhon and Chandler - are barely in here, David Lee only comes in in the highlight reel in the background.

What does all this mean? Well, not much. Anybody could've figured that Steph or Eddy Curry would've had a reduced role this year, while other more D'Antoni-ish players would succeed. But it is really strange and funny to look back on how quickly and how dramatically the concept of who the Knicks' best players are has changed. 

Peep the poll!

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