This started out as a comment, ended up as a girl's diary entry.

This was originally a response to Seth’s comment in the post about New York being the Mecca of Basketball, but it got way too lengthy so fuck it. It’s a post now.


I never lived in the city and only spent 7 years of my life in the state of New York before moving to Pennsylvania. I have yet to meet another person out in Pennsylvania who even CLOSE to shares the same feelings toward the Knicks that I do.

Normally I wouldn't consider this a good thing, but I've kind of enjoyed it, retrospectively.

In the past however many years, I've watched the Knicks get their asses handed to them by some of the worst teams ever assembled. I've watched them get their asses kicked to shambles by teams in a division marked the "Titanic" conference.

I've watched the Knicks play like SHIT against teams of almost all white guys (here's to you, 2006-2009 Indiana Pacers!).

They are going to get a lot better sometime relatively soon, and you're going to have a lot more people going absolutely bugshit about them almost entirely because of their improved record. I welcome this, but at the same time it's going to make me look back on the game threads of "Knicks vs. Nets 2008: Everybody get ready for a terrifying shitshow pitting the worst teams of all time against each other!" and kind of miss them.

It probably seems really pompous that I'm even typing this up, seeing as the Knicks' improvement is far from guaranteed. But these last few (ten) years have been a test of will, and I think we all deserve it.


Any given year, I want the Knicks to go 82-0 and sweep the playoffs. I want to see, in my lifetime, not just a Knicks Championship team, but a fucking Dynasty. I want to be able to say "Wow, someone from your team won the dunk contest? Cool...what was your record this year again?" I want the Celtics to fake injury at the end of the year against us because really, there's no point in trying to beat us at the Garden.


Anyway, back to what I was saying in the way beginning, when I was unnecessarily giving a stupid autobiography for no reason. I live far, far away from the nearest Knicks fan, and this website has consistently given a shit about the Knicks even when the Knicks didn’t give a shit about the Knicks.


I agree with Seth that the fans of this site are predominantly diehard and realistic people. When there is a welcome influx of fans who are neither (which, frankly, has already started), I’m going to love it, but about 1% of me is going to look back on the last few years and say “Jesus Christ we were terrible, thank God other people still gave a shit!”


I just hope, with the impending flood of new fans of this site (Once again, I’m pumped for this, not dreading it. Welcome everybody), I just hope it won’t mean we have to do shit like, FOR REAL. I hope we still get ridiculous recaps, even if we’re winning 50 games a season (Please, God).


A girl can only hope, Diary. Goodnight.

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