Ok, I'd better say something


I have been with P&T since the beginning, but as a rule I never comment or post on websites.

I have been a die hard Knick fan ever since I was a little boy. Losing to the Rockets in 7 was my first real heartbreak experience. There's no point in recapping the rest of the epic journey because if you're part of P&T you were along for the ride as well.

I was actually born outside New York City up in Poughkeepsie. I am now a high school teacher (history and english) in VA while I finish my master degree. Once I get my credentials, I'll be returning to teach in the Bronx, and I'll finally be able to attend Knick games in person again.

I truly understand in the deepest sense what the game of basketball means to New York, and how important the Knicks are to anyone who loves the game.

I have prayed and hoped that I would finally see the Knicks return to championship glory (I wasn't alive for the Frazier era) not because I am some idiot in a sports bar who wants to lord over other fans, or because I personally generate revenue when they win, or because I want people to stop making fun of my hometown. I want the Knicks to be great because they epitomize New York and its people, and the fact is: New Yorkers need the Knicks to become great again, and basketball needs New York to become the great center of the basketball universe again. I don't know when in history there has ever been a team that so perfectly symbolizes the people it represents, or when there has been a city so perfectly infused by one game.  I love this game, and I love the Knicks, and I'm still here. Considering all that has happened to the Knicks in the last decade, you already know those statements are true.

I always keep P&T up on the screen while I'm watching the games. Recent posts and comments have forced me to break my silence and create an account.

Read Solanumbrella's "Girl Diary" in the Fan Posts.

Also, Seth's comments: "If there was something refreshing about the last ten or so years, it’s that the losing weeded out the bandwagon fans. The impending return of those same fans is what’s going to make any big free agent signing particularly obnoxious. If I take any pride in this site, it’s that the regular commenters here are almost 100% diehards."

"I’m of the opinion that the overall mood at this site has more to do with you guys than it does me. P&T could easily be me saying “oh the Knicks lost again, but animals die when Jared Jeffries attempts jumpers and that’s so funny” and you guys responding “LEBRON IN 2010 HERE’S MY LINEUP IN 2010 PG RUBIO SG KOBE SF DA GALLO PF LEBRON C LEBRON. GO KNICKS”. It mostly isn’t. That’s why I love you all. As long as we solidify our ranks before any massive influx of bandwagon fans, we can successfully deflect the obnoxious and absorb the legit"

Anyway, I just want you guys to know that this site has meant so much to me as a diehard Knicks fan scattered abroad, and I have always been here through every little obscure mammal reference, and every appearance of Francis, and I will continue to be here. I have this account now so maybe I'll even start commenting. Lets go Knicks...

Don't forget to say a little prayer for Donnie and Mike.


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