With the eigth pick...the New York Knicks select...Jordan Hill???

I've got draft fever like everyone else these days and have read up on the latest news with talk of the Knicks entertaining the idea of  drafting Jordan Hill.

Pretty Interesting, but could end up being bungled into an Isiah level 5 disaster.

Hill has some game in him but if we're going to take a big man lets hope it's not too painful. What??? ...Sorry, bad dream...don't judge. Anyway, If we're taking a big it needs to be someone who won't let D Wade and other less talented guards  such as Jarrett Jack and Beno Udrich drive the lane uncontested for 40 straight points on a nightly basis.

Hill might be a terrific back to the basket defender but that's different but no less important than protecting the paint from slashers which I think should be on our grocery list of attributes.

That being the case the only way I'd want Hill in a Knicks uniform is If  D Lee is not being picked up. That would make sense. But, resigning Lee and drafting Hill without trading either of them would seem like overkill especially since it would make it tougher to  get that defensive presence in the middle.

If  we're draftig a 3or 4, I like Thabeet who I know has detractors but I don't give a flying fudgecracker. I keep hearing he has limited offense and basketball IQ...OK. and...?

He. Blocks. Shots. Period. That's pretty much all we need him for.

Criticizing his lack of offensive ability and labeling him a shot blocker is not a  crime or even far off from wrong but ...

Ricky Rubio has tremendous hype and at the end of the day, well...he's just a passer.

Curry, he's just a scorer.

Point is,  whatever talent these guys have now are commodities. The trick is mixing those abilities with  those on your current or future roster  so they all mesh and work well together.

At best Rubio on average was a 10/4 guy in euroleague play. (which was better than Jennings averages but I digress)

but there is no doubt about it Rubio has intangibles and he has been playing adults since 14 so he's bound to be tough and scrappy.

Thabeet didn't turn heads with offensive prowess but dominated with shot blocking and believe it or not his all around game and numbers (including his offense) improved each year while at Uconn without any drastic increase in minutes indicating he may actually develop into a more well rounded player at some point.

Check the stats...g'head google em.

I bring these two guys up because of rumblings of trying to move up . Should this happen (which I don't  think it will. ) it is said we'd take Rubio or Thabeet.

I've been Greek Greco-Roman  Wresteling with what we should do in this instance and may have come up with a very unpopular decision based on logic.

If we do move up we should not even consider Rubio and go straight for Thabeet.

Fudgecrackers to you also, thank you very much.

Nothing against Rubio, but this draft is pretty deep and talented... the guard position.

Guards are a dime a dozen this year. And I can't find anyone that can tell me with *certainty* that a Flynn, Maynor, Lawson or Teague wont be as productive as Rubio out of the gate.

Big Men though, not too many stand outs in this year's draft. Thabeet being one of the few that would fit in.

Should we move up? I dunno undecided on that one but if we do it should be Thabeet.

After that it's slim pickings for big men. Hill is more than likely to be productive but Earl Clark would be a better fit in D'antoni's system if going that route, despite not being as developed as Hill.

At the end of the day, I really see us staying at 8 and picking the best play making guard left on the board.

All right, it's been real but gotta go. I've got a few boxes of flying fudge crackers to hand out.

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