oh man did i have one hell of a dream

It started out simple enough.  There i was in the city council meeting with all the other people who just like to see a shit-show.  the crowd is the usual new york crowd:  insatiably unimpressed.  Every now and then a comment gets a rise out of a few muttering clusters.  Work it up enough and a few people can make a decent wisecrack to temporarily shatter the council's dominance.  But all in all, the council goes from old business to new business and not much changes.  


That's when the Hassidic contingent from South WIlliamsburg bumrushed the stage and took the microphone's hostage.

Either side of the podium was being held by rabbinical thugs.  The crowd went haywire, everyone was yelling and shoving one another closer to the front.  Some people leaped over the barrier onto the council floor and started pacing like savages, hulking and salivating.  Wild eyes everywhere.  I noticed a few italians holding their brains on their laps, some smiling and all looking around like nothing was happening.  The one with the biggest brain darted his beady eyes with no expression on his face and his head locked comfortably in place.  he had both hands on his brain like a science project.


Meanwhile, the leader of the Hassidic takeover was trying to restore some sense of order.  Eventually the roar of the crowd lessened to a buzz and rumble.  I looked on, not fearful, more dissatisfied that this little man could garner so much attention just by his sheer presence.  Smug fuck he was.  pause.  


The rabbinical one began to speak.  The crowd was getting upset and that made them louder.  Perpetual disagreement with the speaker.  He kept on though and sparks flew in both directions.  from the podium to the floor and back.  Violent lashings of words.  I was starting to feel nervous that a huge fight might break out at any moment.


Then, like a shot in the dark a taller brolic man entered stage left, and grabbed every microphone on the stage. Some of the council members started yelling, which drew more insistence from the crowd!  It was pure insanity now.  The man who took all the microphones brought them to the far right of the stage and put them down on the open space at the table.  He held one and began to speak.  The crowd instantly was silent.  I could no longer see the italians.  The jews were all queasy.  Some were hopping from foot to foot like children that drastically needed to urinate.  Some wet themselves.  Others wriggled their hands together, anxious. 


At this moment i realized the man with the microphones was Donnie Walsh.  His shining gray suit and furious red hair were unmistakable behind his glasses, his fingers flaying out in all directions, connecting dots in some mysterious dimension we can't touch.  Suddenly though i was falling behind on what he was saying!  i marveled too long on my recognizing him.  He kept mentioning "hibidity", and how the world functions on hibidity.  Not only from an emotional standpoint, but also in a very material sense the world at large is regulated by hibidity.  Finally it all made sense.  Donnie Walsh had set everything straight.


I woke up.




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