My Frustration With The New York Knicks 2009 Free Agency Campaign

This summer the Knicks  problem has not been the free agent players targeted....except maybe Kidd, I mean who really likes him? The problem has been the over evaluation and compensation  offered to these players in relation to our teams current situation and needs. Let's examine some of the astonishing and bat shit crazy would-be moves attempted, what the next move will be and some moves that make a lot more sense than the crack headish shit he was trying to pull.


Walsh entered the 2009 free agency with good intentions and a clear plan....and then it went to shit. Walsh first tried to address our lack of consistent PG play with Jason Kidd. Now woman beating aside, he's had a great career. Some would even say he has been stellar. Not anymore though.He's OLD and that's really not a big deal until the numbers start to reflect that...which they are.. In 08-09 Kidd averaged about 9 ppg and 8 dimes while starting with an avg of 35 minutes a game. In contrast Jacque Vaughn off the bench  in 9 mins. averaged about 2 points and 2 assists. With 30 minutes that would equate to about 6 points and 6 assists, which is pretty comparable to what Kidd has done this past season with a lot more playing time. And still Kidd is now earning more than ten times more than Vaughn. Is he ten times the player at this point? I leave that to you to decide but  when Mark Cuban visited Kidd with some ludicrous multi year multi million dollar deal only he would do that is when Walsh upped the ante by offering a 3 year 18 mil offer to Kidd has me worried about Donnie's mental state. Luckily Cuban had more money and he re upped with Dallas.

Grant Hill did not fit any position needed on our team other than "veteran leadership".  One year at 5 mil is cool, which was Donnie Walsh's first offer to Hill after getting dissed by Kidd; but then there was a second optional contract at 3 years at 10 million! Is that how we doin it these days Donnie? Are we just putting contracts out there for free agents like a damned choose your own adventure novel giving dudes options and shit!?! Really, if you're an NBA vet not averaging 20 and 6, fck the "veteran leadership" that's just another way of saying you're an older, not as cool cheerleader? 3 years at 10 mil is where I draw the line for another Knicks City Dancer. If the NYK want sage advice and motivation that bad they can hire Tony Robbins  to travel with the team and he won't eat into the cap.

Andre Miller I like better than the previous options mentioned because he kinda fills a need with consistent  and  effective PG play AND despite being long in the tooth, he has obviously taken care of his body....Super Pause...having not suited up for maybe 5 games throughout his career. The question is...can he fit into Mike D'antoni's "system" and I don't think he can but I've been wrong a few times...not many, but a few. I would not advocate going over budget to nab him at all but I wouldn't be driven to murder random  street walkers either because at the very least he is a solid and dependable player.

What I don't get is...The Knicks soooo don't have the scrilla to chase big names right now. So If all these ridiculous offers thrown out to Hill and Kidd are simply posturing, why not try posturing with better players involved?

Why not throw out an offer to Joe Smith or Odom or AI if we are just covering bases. Because either way If we expect any of them to sign or not they are all better players than the combo of Hill or Kidd. A Smith, Odom or AI might have probably even accepted an offer because not too many teams out there have the funds to sign and pay their level of  talent either. If any of them get deals it'll probably be for the vets minimum or the MLE.

My personal letdown was not hearing anything about the Knicks on the Artest front. His love for New York is well documented. If we offered Jason "I can't play tonight I have a migraine" Kidd an 18 million dollar 3 year deal, Artest should have been offered the same at least. Then when the Lakers came calling we could have discussed if we wanted to raise our offer to a max mid level deal. Every indicator suggests he would have at least listened. If we put on the show for him like we did Kidd and Hill, I'm sure he could have been had. We could have also used him to recruit Lebron! You know Lebron and Artest's fathers did time together in the joint. That is common ground people!

The thing that bothers me the most though, my main reason for this ramble is the fact that we seem to be willing to overpay aging stars who can no longer make any sort of contribution that would make a substantial difference to our team.

I don't mind messing with our cap if it's worth it but Hill, Kidd, maybe not even Miller is gonna get us ten more wins.

And if that's the case and you still felt a need to bring someone in why not Jacque Vaughn?

Why not Donyelle Marshall?

Why not  a familiar Chris Wilcox?

These guys won't make a "splash" or a substantial change to the W column either but in this economic climate these guys won't cost more than we could afford and would probably forgo all cash payment and accept a Clyde Frazier autographed photo and a complimentary Lady Liberty Jersey just to play ball for another year or two.


How do the rest of you feel? Get at me...should that be a pause moment...idk...fuk it.

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