ACTUAL Radioactive Fallout from Z-Bo/Q-Rich swap

P&T member and easy to remember nicknamer nyknickerbocker just posted his thoughts on the Z-Bo/Q deal and what it meant for the Knicks potentially keeping David Lee.  Memphis is all hot and bothered by our resident double-double machine, and reportedly offered him a 4/5 year deal in the $10 million per range.  But, with the acquisition of Randolph, maybe the Grizzlies will back off.

However, nyknickerbocker outlined this very well (check out his post), so I won't address it.

What I did want to address is the ACTUAL potential radioactive fallout from the Zach Randolph/Quentin Richardson swap.  We've seen really bad deals orchestrated by former team president Isiah Thomas - two first round picks for Eddy Curry, Trevor Ariza for Steve Francis, MLE's for Jerome James, Jared Jeffries, and Vin fucking Baker - but have we ever seen two former Isiah trade acquisitons get traded FOR EACH OTHER?


Could there be dire consequences when one terrible trade chip (Quentin Richardson) gets shipped out for another (Zach Randolph)?  Floods? Locusts? Pissed-off Baikal Seals?

Randolph only cost the Knicks Channing Frye, and Steven Francis' the-haunting-soul's expiring contract.  Plus, Spike Lee discussing the trade did give us (pause) - one of the fondest memories in P&T's short history.  You could actually make the argument that the Richardson deal, despite his ridiculous contract (almost $9M), worked out for the Knicks because it included the draft pick that eventually became Nate Robinson

My thinking is that because neither the Q-Rich nor Z-Bo trades were necessarily terrible (at least by Isiah standards), that there may only be an 5.2 earthquake or some lighter shit like that (be prepared). 

However, what if Jared Jeffries ever got traded for say Tim Thomas... armageddon?  The same could apply for coaches.  Could planet earth handle Lenny Wilkens replacing he-who-must-not-be-named in Charlotte?  Both of these theories pale in comparison to my biggest feat - an Isiah-era acquisition getting traded for a Scott Layden-era acquisition.   If Eddy Curry ever got traded for the still-not-expired Keith Van Horn contract and a fresh-out-of-retirement Shandon Anderson...



...then we'd all be totally screwed.

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