Kidd & Grant Hill???I think Donnie Walsh Is Going Senile

NEW YORK (AP) — Donnie Walsh says he will consider giving more than a one-year deal to a free agent, following a report that he plans to do that with Jason Kidd.

Also, veteran forward Grant Hill will visit the Knicks on Monday, agent Lon Babby said. Hill played for Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni in Phoenix.            By BRIAN MAHONEY(AP)

So let me get this straight??? The Knicks have the chance to retain young spryand talented David Lee. The third leading rebounder in the league and the top leader in double doubles. Granted he is more probable to give you 12 and10 than 20 and 10 but either way consistency shooting the ball and grabbing boards on a nightly basis shouldbe a solid foundation on which to build any team.

So who in their right minds would pass on that to offer up a THREE YEAR contract to an aging and slow Jason Kidd?!?


AND THEN management  further baffles us in an attempt to comfort us by letting us know if that plan falls thru and we can't get Kidd they'll bring in a 37 year old fragile tenderloin by the name of Grant Hill...who fortunately, already dissed us his last go round at free agency.


So what next do we tell Allen Houston to dust off number 20 and start at shooting guard? I mean after all he never did earn that 100 million. How bout we tell Clyde to get that elephant skin coat out of storage and look cool while coming off the bench to back up Kidd. And we can dig up the corpse of Earl Manigault (RIP) and offer it a contract too!


The plan was to save money for 2010, so why are we even considering throwing multi year contracts to players who are past their prime, deteriorating and won't help us win any time soon?


This is NOT 1998 Mr. Walsh, I liked gettin jiggy with it as much as the next guy but unless the Knicks had Dantoni build them a delorean that allows you to go back and get the 98 edition of Hill and Kidd, I can only assume Donnie is now  smoking crack.


We either stick to the plan or don't.


At this point Lebron is looking like a hysterical dream triggered by the fumes of Walsh's crack pipe.Why would he come here when it looks as if we not going to be contending anytime soon. Especially with the moves that are trying to be made now.




A number of players will be available that would be able to help us begin winning again, but if we act like a bunch of suckers wandering into their first strip club we'll be left to get cleaned out without a penny left in our names.


And even if the decision was made to change course and blow our money on this year...Jason Kidd??? Seriously??? Did we even feel out Artest? Pause. Even after knowing Lebron wants Artest to join him to play on his team? Why haven't we tried to swoop in and snatch him up before sending him to recruit next off- season and salvage what little of this Lebron 2010 campaign we have left. That's a much better way to spend our mid level than on a Kidd or Hill.

Has anyone even met with Sessions? Ronnie Price? Hell even if you wanted a slow aging guard to run point you could snag Bobby Jackson even Jacque Vaughn(whose game is pretty similar to Kidd's) who could more than likely be bought at the minimum.

This is the kind of dumbassery that makes me think sometimes, the Knicks don't know what the fck they are doing. We fans have all been patient. Is it too much to ask for some common sense in return.

Please Donnie...leave the crack alone.


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