What Happens With The Handy Dandy Landry Fields?


So where do I fit in? I'm not quite sure Landry but one thing I do know is my killer boner for you has yet to show any signs of shrinkage and I'm beginning to worry. Moving on to the less disturbing main topic, what will we make of Landry Fields this year? It's a tough call, the kid can somehow miraculously claw his way into the rotation it seems but the chances of that are no greater than him riding pine the entire season. They're on even playing field and the final outcome may be riding on a seesaw decision from Coach D'A. He has to keep up with his stellar performance and he should get in there.

Ten players in total were added, all to Mr. D'Antoni's liking. He has new luxuries—he said he may even have to change his philosophy of regularly playing as few as eight players and expand his rotations to as many as 11.

Kevin Clark of The Wall Street Journal

New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni says he hopes to use the European tour to help his team get used to a faster style of play.

The Knicks play Olimpia Milano in Milan on Sunday before traveling to Paris to meet the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday.

D'Antoni told reporters Saturday "if we want to play with 11 guys, we have to play at a high pace. It is something we will have to try."


11 men in the rotation gives Fields a shining hope to make his way on the court. The competition for the 11th man slot is pretty bleak; Bill Walker, Andy Rautins, Landry Fields, Patrick Ewing Jr and Eddy Curry will all be vying for the opportunity but who gets in? Realistically the only competition is between Fields and Walker. Walker who lost his role on the team as more and more players were acquired may be able to find the court once again but with Fields improving and impressing does Walker have a fair chance? There's a lot to go off, Walker had a disappointing Summer League and was outdid by Fields on nearly every level. Fields continued his inspiring performance in training camp while Walker has been quiet and not heard of much. For D'A to lengthen his planned rotation from 10 to 11 men has to mean someone is pushing him for playing time. Fields is doing exactly that and with D'A going 11 deep tomorrow afternoon against Armani we should be in for a show.

Here's a few quotes from and about Sir Landry

In the dribbling exercise Fields showed that he has a nice handle for a big man. Landry Fields  also has a nice 3 point shot from the corner. I saw him make about 10 shots in a row during a shooting drill.

Big C of From The Baseline

Loving every moment of playing ball. Today was the last double day. Hard work pays off on the last leg of the race! Pumped for Europe..

Landry Fields on Twitter...

You know how most of the time, second round picks generally stand out in training camp looking like the guys who don’t belong? Well Landry Fields is no typcial second-round pick. He blends in well with the talent and carries himself with the confidence of a returning player. Assistant coach Dan D’Antoni tried to rattle the rookie while he was taking shots in a post-practice competition among the young players. D’Antoni tossed a $20 Euro on the floor. Fields rose up and drilled the three and let out a Whooooo! "Give me my money!" he yelled. D’Antoni handed him the bill, which Fields promptly stuffed into his sock and then returned to the competition.

Tommy Dee of The Knicks Blog


Here's a random video of male bonding time in Milan with Toney Douglas, Anthony Randolph, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton and a suave speaking Italian announcer. 

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