Re-living the Hype: 2010 Draft, 2nd-rounders

I'm surprised as anyone to see the words "Landry", "Fields", "Starting", "Shooting", and "Guard" anywhere near each other, but I'm certainly intrigued. The announcement by Pringles regarding his line-up caught many by surprise, evoking equal parts "yay!" and dread. Regardless of whether you feel Fields deserves the chance or can handle the spot (my informal read on the feedback seems a solid "Yes" on the first count, "hrrrmmm, I dunno... maybe?" on the second one), there's no denying that Landry has lived up to and beyond expectations, and has surpassed his 2nd round mates. Make the jump to see how his draft position-specific comtemporaries (which included some P&T favorites) faired once the Summer ended, the rosters were whittled down, and rotations were decided. Please note that I'm only checking in on those who were drafted after Fields and Rautins, as hypothetical "if we got him!" situations bore me. They BORE ME!

So, going in draft order (please note that I'm only noting those that were shown interest/love from the P&T crowd, or were mentioned in the mock draft circles as possibilities for the Knicks. It's not all-inclusive, so if you don't see someone who you liked, mention him in the comments and let us know how he's doing nowadays.)

Lance Stephenson - Pacers: Signed, Made the roster. No burn. Buried behind Mike Dunleavy and Brandon Rush. But, on the plus side, he hasn't commited any felonies in the last week or so.

Jarvis Varnado - Heat: A BIG P&T favorite (and a favorite of mine), Jarvis was hurt by the signing of the Big 3 in South Beach, looked to be buried by lower cost, proven entities in the front court. So he took his shot blocking prowess to Italy, signing with Carmatic Pistoia, a 2nd division team. I don't know if the fact that it's 2nd division means he's getting peanuts, or what his status is over in the big boot, but I wish him well.

Devin Ebanks - Lakers: Signed, Made the roster. No burn. KILLED by that Matt Barnes signing. Hell, if Luke Walton is gathering DNP-CD's, Devin doesn't stand a chance. Interesting to note that his fellow (later drafted) frontcourt made Derrick Caracter from UTEP got minimal minutes last night.

Jerome Jordan - hey! we had him for a second there! went overseas to seek his fortune. We retain his rights though, if I'm not mistaken...

Gani Lawal - Suns: Signed, Made the roster. No burn. Turkoglu is like a gigantic Turkish vacuum in Phoenix, sucking in so many metaphoric and literal ways. Gani might be wearing a suit a lot.

Tiny Gallon - Bucks: Released on Oct 6th, then he bounced over to the Celtics training camp as scrimmage ballast, I imagine. Now, I have no idea where he is. I'd put even money on having a snack somewhere.

Solomon Alabi - Mavericks: Traded to Raptors for cash. Made the roster. No burn. After his Hep B came to light, his position in the draft plummetted. Now he's sitting behind Barggaannarrggni and Joey Dorsey. But, honestly, I think he has the best chance of seeing the floor out of the players mentioned here, as the Raptors are going to want to see what they've got.

Willie Warren - Clippers: Signed, Made the roster. No burn. The Clippers are flush with guards (Baron Davis, Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon, Randy Foye), so Warren probably won't see the floor.

By this measuring stick, Landry Fields is on par with a "Grandma can walk and see again!" miracle. It's nice to see some luck and astute talent evaluation go the Knicks way for a change. On to the 2010-11 season!

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