People Try To Put Us Down

A Bunch of Old People Ironically Singing "My Generation" (via YouTube)


Please watch the above clip so you will be ready for the thoughts to come.

Now jump, before they do!

Well, it wasn't exactly pretty, but a win is a win is a win.  It's been over 23 months since the Knicks had a record above .500, so there's that to celebrate.  And this is the type of game the Knicks have to win to contend for the playoffs, so that's also nice to see.

But what can we take from this game moving forwards? Some thoughts:


- Landry Fields looks to be the real deal.  I don't know how many "precocious neophyte" labels he drew from Clyde in this one because I was stuck watching the Toronto broadcast, but I know that the Raptors crew kept comparing him to Shane Battier, something I mentioned during the summer league.  Let's see...both guys went to strong academic schools, were leaders on their teams in college, played four years...those are the obvious things.  The pace at which they play the game might be the most important comparison, however; both seem to let the game come to them, while keeping their minds focused on playing solid team defense and spreading the floor on offense.  I also think that Landry earned this starting spot in part to confuse opposing defenses due to how similar he looks to Gallinari on the court.  That, or Wilson is a super-sub, capable of spelling any starter who gets off to a bad start, as he did with Mozgov tonight.  Either way, Fields in the starting five looks like a smart move in the early going for D'Antoni.

- Hey! Look! Amar'e played just okay, and we still won!  Take that, ESPN NBA analysts!  Sure, Amare finished with 19, 9, and 9, but one of those 9's was turnovers, and he didn't really get his offense going until the final stretch (7 pts in the fourth quarter).  If we have a tag team going between Chandler and Gallo to support Amare, I like our chances on most nights.  Against the best teams, they'll all have to bring it, however.

- Speaking of Chandler, nice.  The longest-tenured Knick that matters smoked the Raptors for 22.  More importantly, he displayed the sort of aggressiveness that he will need to thrive this season with so many offensive options.  I think one of the most underrated aspects of his game is his efficiency, which is something we saw tonight.  Combine that with consistency and you've got a hell of a player.  Is that something you might be interested in?

- Timofey had an off night, literally and figuratively, as a result of foul trouble.  He didn't get that much burn, and so we'll have to wait for the world to recognize him.  No worries, though, I look forward to his first rejection of a Joel Anthony baby-hook.

- The second unit looked really sharp out there in the second quarter, a stretch that was basically the most dominant one of the game for the Knicks.  This goes back to D'Antoni's decision to start Fields instead of Chandler.  With his experience, Chandler (combining nicely with DWTDD and Safari) was able to completely manhandle the Raptor's bench players.  I always think that in the NBA there are two games per game; starting five vs. starting five and bench vs. bench.  If our 5-10 guys can continue to outmatch opposing teams, it will change the flow, and outcome, of every game.

- We actually out-rebounded a team!  I don't want to say anything else, lest the rebounding gods jinx us for the rest of the season.  Which they probably will anyways.


Those are the positives, mostly.  Negatives?

- Andrea Bargnani shouldn't score so easily unless he's playing the Liberty.  The Knicks did limit him in the final stretch, though.

- Too many second chance opportunities for the Raptors.  This, of course, was largely due to Reggie Evans' dogged pursuit of the ball, but still, it's something that needs to be addressed.  If the Knicks are going to struggle rebounding the ball, that's one thing, but they have to maintain sufficient defensive intensity to limit that from turning into more offense for the opposing team.

- Jarrett Jack showed what a guard that is hell-bent on getting to the rim can do to us.  While it's true that we now have more shot blockers on the roster than the past 10 years combined, it's still very important for our perimeter defenders to slow down the opposing guards.  I'm sure I'll have a more specific opinion about this after facing Rondo and the Celtics.


That's about it for analysis of Game 1.  But wait, there's more!  I always try to include a few choice vids and pics in my posts, and I've saved them for this last section.  Enjoy, and let's keep this thing going on Friday!  I really enjoyed the game thread tonight, a lot of enthusiasm and input.




Landry Fields Open Practice Highlights (10/20) (via YouTube)

- It's been a while, but watch this again.  And may it happen again.  And again. Without that call, of course.



- HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE.  I am both ashamed and amazed.  Still, this is required viewing.


LANDRY FIELDS IN THAT A** (via YouTube, some crass language)

- Did you know the Knicks had people doing this stuff on YouTube?  Neither did I.  But the opening line is priceless.  No need to watch the whole video, unless the guy's magnetic charm draws you in.

- Anthony Randolph may be injured, but he's still learning in his downtime, albeit awkardly.  (via YouTube)



- What is happening here, exactly?


- Strange picture of a young Mozgov.  Note the desire to box out in his eyes.  Has anyone seen Let The Right One In?


WOOOOOO  2010-11 Season LETS DO THIS


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