Week 1 review

After 3 games- 1 against a beatable Raptors squad albeit an away game and 2 against arguable title contenders in Boston and Portland (If Roy, Camby and possibly Oden stays/gets healthy, I believe they are), to end up at 1-2 to me I think was sort of expected.


The team has had 2 "moral victories", which in past years would be great but this year seems empty since I felt we should have won all three games. Nice to feel that about the NYKs ain't it?


So who did what? What needs to be worked on for each player (team wise- that).


Timofey Mozgov: Dude's been a pleasant surprise. Starting is one thing, playing decent while starting is another. Still has a lot to learn, but the athleticism this dude has...I'm looking forward to see how he improves over his 3 years.

Things does well: Defense. The dude can defend the paint and the basket (very good shot blocker). He doesn't allow easy baskets for the most part when he's in there as well. And he's also a pretty good rebounder getting about 8 per 36 (if he played 36 I bet this rate goes up.

Needs to improve: He's a bit scary on the O end when the ball's in his hands. But he has good touch with his shot. Also his least in the 2010-11 NBA


Amare Stoudemire: Is he as good as advertised? Is he worth $100mil? Time will tell, but I think he is. I think he's a prime piece in a chip caliber squad tho.

Things does well: He's Amar'e fuckin Stoudemire. You know what he does

Needs to improve: Turnovers. Part of it can be helped by getting him not dribbling and doing too much. He needs to be closer to the paint when getting the ball.


Danillo Gallinari: Really surprising how he's started this season off. He's basically the missing piece as to why they've struggled at all this season. If he was knocking down shots at his normal rate, I can't help but think we'd be 3-0. Is that a homer approach? I don't really even care.

Things does well: This season? Absolutely nothing.

Needs to improve: Doing what Toney Douglas do

Landry Fields: One of the 3 biggest surprises of this young season (Timo and Chan). Is he Shane Battier? Is he Raja Bell? Is he Shawn Marion? TO me he's a bit of all these guys. What he doesn't seem like is being a rookie.

Things doing well: tough to say anything he doesn't do well. He's fit in like a glove an I wish they could have more of these guys (I do think Azuibuke is a similar player, at least brain-wise). Dude's just a flat out steal of a draft pick. Really hard to think that at any point he's going to hit a rookie wall too, given his experience in college.

Needs to improve: I can't pin point a damn thing. Really just seems to get more experience so he can play like more of the man he was at Stanford.

Ray Felton: I'm not at all surprised on how good he's played. This was the dude that played at UNC. Excellent speeding bullet of a PG who's not afraid to take shots. Really wish that a few of these late game possessions had the rock in his hand more, or at least a play was made to get him open behind the arc...something like that.

Things doing well: being the best Knicks PG in a real long time.

Needs to improve: PnR and overall chemistry. Pringles PG requirement needs a lot of feeling out things (pause) and its gonna take time.


Wilson Chandler: unbelievable his start to the season. IF there's anything not to like its that hes' taking too many 3pters even if he seems better at doing it this season. This is a place where someone like Gallo would help tho. If he was making his 3's, Chandler may not be taking all these shots.

Things doing well: things it takes to win games. Defense, rebounding, scoring and providing energy. Seems to be a one man wrecking crew out there at times.

Needs to improve: things it takes to win games. Love ya Will, but please stop taking 3's at the end of games. Much rather have you miss one of those awkward forays to the basket instead of a contested/wide open 3pt shot down the stretch of games.

Toney Douglas: continues to DWTDD. But what is not WTDD, is being a true backup point. The Knicks could really use a better passing backup PG. I think he's got the ability to develop that, but right now he's not. But TD is averaging 11pts and 4 boards a game, so obviously he's DWTDD.

Things doing well: Things that Toney Douglas would do

Needs to improve: Things that Toney Douglas does not do

Ronny Turiaf: currently the only member of the Lee trade to contribute, and damn is he. Very good defender. Providing energy on the O end too as well as a much better passer then given credit for.

Things doing well: Safari

Needs to improve: he basically is what he is and he does it well. Just a solid role player that I'm glad is here.

Bill Walker: very streaky shooter. Overall I think he just needs to learn his role and figure out what it means to get the most out of his minutes. Played very well last night as he made important 3s and pulled down some needed boards.

Things doing well: shooting off the bench

Needs to improve: consistency. Sometimes I wish he'd have more plays run for him, off screens and all a that. But he's overcome a horrible summer league and meh preseason I thinks.

Roger Mason Jr. : complete disappointment. I just wish he wouldn't play. I'm not going to address him any further.


Knicks overall: We're better, obviously. The effort on the defensive end has been excellent for a Pringles run team (he doesn't preach D does he...). Most of that is, like I said to any Pringles detractor, the fact he has players that play defense on the roster now. Wilson Chandler said himself that having Ray Felton and even Amar'e on the court have pushed the players to be more accountable. Love it.

Pringles is playing a deep rotation this year. Possibly due to actually having worthy players. Possibly due to his buddy in Phoenix, Alvin Gentry, using a Pringles system and having success with a deep bench. Probably both.

The FT shooting is a nightmare; its basically cost them a game already against Portland.

What they could really use are the 3 injured players to contribute. Who really knows how injured Gallo is? Does Gallo even know? Can't wait till Randolph gets back, could really use a tall person out there. ANd we could really use Kelenna Azuibuke back. I think he and Fields are similar players, and having basically 48 minutes, hopefully, of a player that does what they do on the court (hustle and smarts...Tommy points! ugh) would be invaluable. The Knicks are a better team on the court when Fields plays.

So..what say you? Yay? Nay?


And vote in the poll.

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