Should Benching Gallo Be An Option? You tell me.

We're going through hard times guys. We're in mid November, still early in the season but a 3 game losing streak is not a welcome thing no matter when it happens. This is especially true when said streak is not obtained going up against the league's fiercest competition.

Yeah, fans are gonna panic. We should be use to it, but to hell with that we wanna win.

Let me assure you my highly pissed-off bretheren, insanity is not the answer.

There's been lots of infighting amongst our community, comments start off just trying to be clever until the responses get snarkier and snarkier until we are possessed by snark demons and we end up attacking each other.

One of the most fiery topics, is the state of Danilo Gallinari's play.

I'd  like to tackle this in a civilized debating fashion, not with the intent of changing anyone's mind on the matter but instead to engage in open dialogue and give the opportunity for those both against and for number 8 to fully explain their thoughts and feelings and the reasoning behind them.



Personally, I don't feel Gallinari is the best player on our roster but he is one of the top 5 and until we find a better option or a combo of players that show better results his spot should remain his without question. I have no problem with Pringles pulling him early or yanking him out the line up should he cost us games, but that'd have to be based on something I saw myself and not as a reaction to the teams overall shitty play.

And if you like links, here is what I've seen:


He really can do alot more than shoot.

He doesn't often show it but he can PASS.

He doesn't often show it but when he decides to attack he can finish hard at the rim , there is plenty of evidence of this...I assure you.

His defense isn't great it could use some work, but I do think he has more to offer on that end than say a....Carmelo Anthony(not saying we shouldn't pick him up, just sayin) when he's motivated.

After watching his time with the Knicks I see nothing to suggest he is a bum or a "bad" player. If anything I give him more credit because I seriously think Al Harrington hindered his development .

He really is a smart player who has a terrific skill set for a 6'10" forward.

I keep hearing these calls to bench him quick...okay but for who??? Maybe it could be a consideration IF Azubuike gets healthy but still, I can't even think of an individual player at Gallinari's position and experience that has been more productive let alone anyone on this team.


It's not all peaches and cream though. I find my biggest problem with Danilo is a common problem amongst young players, he is inconsistent. He can do all these things yet he chooses to use his jump shot as a crutch and cling to it as a safety net of sorts...which is kinda problematic when it isn't falling.

I've said enough. I want to hear from you. Do you think things will click and Gallinari will "get it"? How high is his ceiling? If we end up trading him, will we have to dispatch another one of Wilson Chandler's toofuses when we meet in order to combat him? The floor is yours...banter gentlemen, banter.

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