Recap: "felton just jizzed in curry's eye" Knicks 125, GSW 119

Attempting to put my 4 year old to bed, I instead put myself to bed.  And therefore missed this whole thing, despite promising Seth I would attempt to recap it.



Anyway......  Notes from the boxscore!  And reading the game comments!

First of all, thanks to wasabi1212 for the headline.  The runner up was: Is David Lee wearing a purple velour blazer?

from Flossy.  Anyway, on to the game.

Missing David Lee, the Warriors were wiped clean on the boards by the Knicks, with Stoudemire leading the way with 11, the esteemed Landry "39" Fields had 7, and Chandler chipped in with 6 .  Strangely, we didn't see any rebounds from Gallo tonight, but he did continue his trend of getting to the line with 6 free throw attempts (all six made).  He also hit 3-5 from three point land, including two huge icy swishes late that helped repel a furious Warrior comeback, led by Mr. 40 points himself, Monta Ellis.  Today, you will see Ellis featured in the "dunk of the day" someplace on the interwebs... but once again, the top dunker is a game loser, so I'm glad that wasn't us.

Pretty much lights out shooting from both teams tonight.... with the Knicks shooting a blistering 57%, but also worth mentioning is that the Warriors shot 54% from three.... ouch.... Still, the Knicks managed to continue blocking shots (7) and thanks to some clutch play, a rebounding advantage, and a pretty good three point percentage themselves (3-5 for Gallo, 4-4 for Ray, 1-1 Fieldsy) they managed to pull this one out.

Speaking of Ray, he had 35 tonight, a career high, which kind of surprised me.  Also had 11 assists and five rebounds and looked to be penetrating deep into the paint before passing from the few highlights I saw.  5 turnovers, but you know, with a new team in the beginning of the season, I'm not going to sweat that.

One of the things I like to do is measure offensive efficiency by counting the number of shot attempts plus free throw attempts and then looking at the total points.  If the points is more than the attempts, I figure, well, that's efficient.

Last night, Ray Ray had 17 field goal attempts and 6 free throw attempts.  23 attempts, 35 points.  Tremendously efficient.  Amare: 17 combined attempts, 26 points.  Very Efficient.  Gallo: 21 combined attempts, 23 points. Wil: 17 combined attempts, 13 points.  Not so efficient.  But he did have 6 boards.  Toney: 9 combined attempts, 4 points.  Toney managed 4 rebounds and 3 assists and only turned the ball over once, but why can't he shoot anymore?  Does he look like his back is killing him?

I would like to see the Knicks win a game where they shot below 50%.  On the other hand, any game involving the Golden State Warriors tends to end up with both teams shooting over 50%.

Winnable game, won.  Good job, Knicks.

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