Truth nuggets for the 2010 Knicks season

After an off season full of rumors, hypotheticals, and cock drawing for t-shirts (pause), we can start taking a look at our beloved Knicksand some of the truth's we've learned early thus far.  More after the jump

So here are 10 things we've learned so far:


Whether it's his head, as Alan Hahn and Pringles have noted, or his wrist, as Gallo keeps insisting, something is going on.  Maybe the success of his Gallo clothing line here at P&T has gone to his head, but we need him to get back to the cock sured 3 pt specialist, with the ability to drive and create mismatches.  We need him to play hard D, because frankly, if he doesn't play hard on D, he is a terrible defensive player.  We need him to crash the boards.  We need Gallo back. 

2. IllWil is a legit 6th man

Same as the Gallo story, but the exact opposite.  Chandler's been a revelation as a versatile 6th man.  He's become the leader of sorts for the 2nd team as well, shouldering the offensive load, but at the same time upping his defensive game.  This is the right spot for him and really, starting doesn't mean anything if you're not getting minutes (see: Gallo, Timo).

3. Amare Stoudemire is better the David Lee

We already knew this prior to this season, but some people (mainly the hardcore statistics committee) still want to make this comparison.  Listen, I see the stats, but there's one main thing that differentiates the two players: crunch time ability.  Meaning, when the game get's tight, the other team locks down on defense, and you need DLee or Amare to put the team on his back,  Amare has shown in the past (see Lakers, 2010 playoffs) and with the Knicks (see Raptors, Celticsgame), that he's able to do just that. 

DLee?  I love him and I don't want this to be some kind of slam on DLee, but really, he doesn't have the extra gear that Amare does.  You really think DLee could go for 40+ points against the Lakers (vs. Gasol/Bynum) in the playoffs?  He can't even get above 10 pts. in the regular season.  That's the real difference and that will never change.

4. Raymond Felton is only going to get better

Felton's played well, but the exciting thing is he will get better.  He will get better at delivering the ball to Amare.  He will get better in running the offense and creating chemistry with the rest of the players.  He will be better at the pick and roll.  This is pretty much the complete opposite of how I felt about Duhon. 

5. Fields is a baller

The Knicks found themselves a player.  I don't want to get crazy and call him a future all-star quite yet, but he's been a David Lee esque value pick (see, I like David Lee, I really do!) thus far.  He plays within himself, picks his spots, and brings all the little things (defensive rotations, cutting into lanes, rebounding) that this team needs.  Plus, he has a hot mom and that's never a bad thing, unless Delonte West is on your team and it could cause chemistry problems...

6. Asbestos sucks

I was looking forward to seeing Randolph get some spin.  Now I have to wait another 2 days.  F--k you Asbestos.

7. Curry will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever play another Knicks game

I know this might classify as speculation vs. a fact, but really, I don't see anyway he ever plays again.  Even if he wears a Knicks uniform and some how is waiting at the officials table to be whistled in, I'm pretty sure someone  from the crowd will end up knocking his knees out before he makes it out onto the court.  The dude just isn't well liked. 

Honestly though, I feel for big Eddy.  The dude has had a terrible year  including stuff that would probably scar me for the rest of my life.  Alas, nothing good will come out of him playing in a Knicks uniform, he'll be traded/released and hopefully he'll have another go at his career somewhere.

8. Rodger Mason isn't very good

He's not playing well.  At least he seems like a good dude.  He just doesn't DWTDD.

9. Timofey Mozgov very interesting

He's a huge Russian that says stuff like, "I play like the shit", mutters Russian curse words to himself after getting fouls, and runs the floor really well.  He's a keeper.

10. The Knicks are better this year

We would've lost the Boston game by 20 pts.  We would've blown the Raptors game.  We would've been routed after that terrible 1st quarter against Portland.  None of those things happened this year.  It's been a long time since I've come to expect big things and not just hope for big things.  And I know bigger and better things are on the horizon.

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