Landry Fields Gets The Respect He Deserves (Updated)


According to's "Rookie Ladder" 

The Landryman ranks 4th among all rookies so far this year.

Rank Status Player
1 John Wall      
2 NR Blake Griffin 
3 NR Derrick Favors 
4 Landry Fields 
5 DeMarcus Cousins 
6 NR Evan Turner
7 NR Wes Johnson
8 NR Paul George
9 NR James Anderson
10 NR Gordon Hayward

After an impressive showing in Las Vegas, I wondered if Fields would win over Mike D'Antoni with his hustle. Boy, did he. Fields has started all three of the Knicks' games, playing big minutes (29.7, third among rookies) and contributing with his all-around game. He's averaging 11 points and 7.3 rebounds, good for fourth and third among rookies. 

Update: ESPN ranks Landry Fields at 5th among all rookies.


Nov. 4: Some would wrongly assume that Fields has fit right in at this level from day one of summer league because he's a four-year college player. But the fact of the matter is most four-year college players don't make the NBA. So what Fields has been doing is impressive indeed.
Fields has earned a starting guard position for the Knicks, and his willingness to do more than just shoot and score will ensure rotation minutes for him far into the future. It's nice that he averaged 11 points in his first three games, but I love that he grabbed 18 total rebounds in tough games against Portland and Boston. Rebounding is a weakness for the Knicks, and his efforts have kept them beyond respectable in that area.

Read full article (here) ESPN Insider required

I commend for these logical rankings, if you ask a wide variety of people they would never have Fields ranked in the top 10 let alone above Cousins, Turner, Johnson or any of those other guys. Same goes for a guy like James Anderson drafted 20th and ranked above some of the top picks in the draft. Stats don't lie and most people see the glitz and glamour of a name such as Wesley Johnson or Evan Turner and would automatically rank them above Fields not realizing that neither has been more productive than The Landryman. It's only about a week into the season and players can prove to be inconsistent or better than advertised but it's nice to see that Fields is being noticed and not looked over because of the team he plays for and the overall at which he was drafted. The man deserves respect and he's getting it. Hopefully he can keep it up and it would be even more fortunate for us if he continued to get better by season's end.

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