In Season Thoughts

A quarter of the way through the nba season and here are some of my random on how this season is playing out.

Please JUMP with me!

- I am very very happy we did not pick up Joe Johnson! This unit would not have been as cohesive and we would not have had room for Felton who is playing at an all-star level and we got him much cheaper!  If Johnson signed here this season would have a much different feel to it.

- Blake Griffin = BEAST it sucks that he was injured last year, had he played our very own fields would have a realistic chance to take the rookie of the year home.

- I think the rookies will dominate the sophomores this year with fields, griffin, and wall leading them. Can't wait to see these three play together.

- Kevin Love deserves to be an all-star the guy averages 20ppg 15 rpg and shoots 40.9% from 3. Will the fans do the right thing and vote him in?

- Paul Millsap and Deron Williams are scary good. These 2 have turned the jazz into a contender to bad the spurs are still around.

- Have you guys watched tyson chandler play? Imagine a front line of him and amare in the east(with the way he is currently playing)

- John Hollinger stated yesterday that

"Wilson Chandler is a restricted free agent, and his qualifying offer is low enough ($3.1 mil) that they (knicks) could sign Melo under the cap and then go back to the trough and re-sign Chandler. That's what Miami did with Joel Anthony this summer. So I don't think Chandler will be departing unless the CBA landscape changes dramatically".

I dont think anyone understands how happy I am about this wil, stat, ray, gallo, fields, and melo as our core group of guys.

- CP3 who? sorry at this point I would rather keep felton and build around melo felton and stat although felton is a free agent in 2 years he is the type of guy who would give us a home town disscount.

- Very happy we did not sign chris bosh this offseason amare is the best pf in the league. I say this because if gasol stays with the grizzles nobody puts him in the discussion, he is playing so well because opposing teams have to focus in on kobe stat is doing it alone right now with felton benefiting.

- Lets send rautins to the d-league please so he can learn how to run the point right now he is no where close to being ready.

- Everytime I see arenas play I think to myself he can still contribute and be an all-star even, With that said NO i would not want him on this team, but you send him to the magic for Lewis and people around the league will see that he can still be a dominant force. 

- The rockets have stopped plaing ish smith as much why? if they dont want him we need a backup pg?

- Is stephen curry going to be injury prone?

- Don't we still have rights to Jerome Jordan?

- I feel AR will have a BIG impact on the season before its over! quote me on it!

- Aren't you guys happy walsh choose against singing ramon sessions to a long term deal.

- We could use Jared Jeffries and Jordan hill right about now.

_ The knicks are 14-9!

Thats it guys there might be a part 2 during the all-star break pending feedback, I hope you guys enjoy.

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