Knicks Fans Invade The Verizon Center


Last night was great, taking over the Verizon Center was one of the best feelings I've ever had. When I was younger and I watched wrestling I always wondered why some of the guys chose the vile, less like-able villian path over the alternate heroic fan favorite. I now understand why, it's loads of damn fun. Before we get to that I'l shed some light on the happenings during the shootaround where I had the most fun. Fun like meeting (or at least having them acknowledge me) Ronny Turiaf, Raymond Felton, Amare Stoudemire, Danilo Gallinari, Roger Mason Jr and Tina Cervasio <3


Tina was such a doll, nicest lady you'll ever meet and she smelled like she'd been touched by an angel numerous times. She talked to me and my brother about how she got to where she is and the type of struggle it was. I'll give it to her, she's got some hustle, if she can pass the rock she might have a chance at backup point. Also, she's a bigger Ewing fan than any of you may know, she seen my Ewing Georgetown jersey which is the reason she came over and chatted. My dimples played a part as well. From this point on Tina Cervasio jokes will not be allowed in my presence. 


This picture looks extremely wrong... We weren't actually as close as it seems, looks like i was resting my head on him which wasn't the case. Felton was a cool dude, he made sure we all got pictures before he went back into the locker room (because him and Amare were out shooting before everyone else) and I told him he was going to be an All-Star on his way to the locker room. He turned around, started walking backwards and said something along these lines "Trust me, ima make it happen." He's one cool hombre.


Unfortunately this is the closest I got to Amare. He said "Respect" to us but that's all. He has a barrier around him, an invisible force field and anyone who steps within 2 feet of the man get's thrown back several yards. This is no joke. In this picture you can see the security lady moving in. This is because a very very petite Asian woman climbed over and wanted an autograph. Unfortunately for her, security pulled her away right before Amare was about to sign her jersey. He was all business, a man of few words definitely. That is until he gets on the court.

Gallo, Turiaf and Mason didn't mingle with the Knicks fans when I was there but I did get them to acknowledge me on their way to the court for the shootaround. Plus my brother got us some autographs while I was in the mens room. I asked Turiaf when he would cut his beard and he goes "Are you trying to kill me?"  I yelled "Italy!!" when Gallo came out and he gave me a Jersey Shore fist pump and I told Mason we still have faith in him (even though most of us don't) and he gave me a nod. 

Now let's get to the part about being a villian...

But New York supporters were evident elsewhere throughout the Verizon Center, rolling out the "M-V-P!" chant when Stoudemire was shooting free throws a few minutes later.

"I could hear the crowd. When the crowd really got into it, that's when I figured I had 30," Stoudemire said. "I was very surprised."


With an unusual triple-double, Amare Stoudemire matched a 48-year-old New York Knicks record.


And, along the way, he has his team on its longest winning streak in nearly a decade, with thousands of fans in a supposedly hostile Washington Wizards arena now serenading him as an "M-V-P!"

Sports Illustrated

shame on the dc fans / locals in attendance

I was at the game and the knick fans completely drowned out the wiz fans in energy. The knick fans put together a louder more coherent ‘air bal’ taunt, while thw wiz fans air ball chant couldn’t even be heard… The intensity of the ‘mvp’ chants for amare when he was at the line made me feel like the game was being played at msg.

hope to see improvements in the fans in the future

by rzawrecktah on Dec 11, 2010 1:21 AM EST via mobile reply actions  

We were cheering on the Knicks for the entire game and boy did their fans dislike that. We weren't belligerent or rowdy to them but we couldn't help ourselves to cheer on our team. We were cheering for every single basket. So much in fact that they're mascot "G-Man" who's some highflying dunk artist came over and made "get out" gestures and everyone in our section started yelling "get em outta here! ya!!!!1111!!1!!" They couldn't stand it.

Best part was after Andray Blatche airball his shot attempt (We gave quite an airball chant) everyone was leaving. We were standing yelling airball and Blatche looked directly at us on his way down the court for Amare's free throws. There was no one around us because they were exiting so he got a nice look at us and our handy dandy orange Knicks towel He clearly wanted us dead. Anyway when Amare got to the line we started cheering "MVP" and it got really loud. Since there was no one around he seen us waving our towel and jumping. If anyone recorded the game after his last free throw of the game you'll see him walking backwards and he pounds his chest at us! Respect Amare, respect! 

Almost forgot, we were cheering for the Knicks so much that Al Thorton gave us a glare on his way to the locker room after the game and Nick Young told us to go home! Villian is the way to play my friends! 

Next thing you know there's a MSG cameraman under us filming us! I was thinking about hitting a dougie but I decided to spare myself of the youtube humiliation. Thanks for reading! If you just looked at the pictures, that's fine but screw you.

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