The purpose of Anthony Randolph

Donnie Walsh is pretty smart, guys. I don't think he makes moves just because he's bored or because one of the players in the deal has a cool name (although that's what we expect after Isiah). I don't think Walsh would bring a player unless he had a specific purpose for them, an exact role that he knew would help the team. So the question is, what was Donnie Walsh's intended purpose for bringing in Anthony Randolph?

Jump like Mike D'Antoni just told you to get off the bench!

Why Anthony Randolph?


I think most of us were just geeking out because of AR's athleticism and raw potential at first. I don't think we've stopped to think about what Donnie wanted with him.

Some have said he is supposed to be the New York version of Shawn Marion. I don't think so. In my opinion, Wilson Chandler fills that role even better than Shawn Marion (and his shot is much less ugly).

Is AR supposed to be our new center? Nah, he doesn't have the body or the post game/ post defense. I don't think he's supposed to be our "point forward" either ala Lamar Odom even though AR does have smooth handles for a tall guy.


Guys, I think the reason why Donnie brought Anthony Randolph to New York, and the reason why I don't think he's going to be traded, and the reason why I don't think he'll play much this year, is because I think Donnie wants to groom him as...     Amar'e Stoudemire's replacement.

Think about it, the Suns didn't want to give Amare the max contract because they think he's going to break down soon. Donnie knows this also. So what does he do? He goes and finds a player that has the potential to become another Amare. Randolph isn't that different from Amare when he was a rookie (Amare was a lot stronger). Amare had no jumper, not much IQ (although he was much less nervous), but he could jump out of the gym. I think with enough patience, Randolph could be an Amare lite down the road.

Ridiculous you say? Hakim Warrick took over for Amare in Phoenix, and Warrick has basically the same body type and athleticism as Randolph (but the good news is that Randolph has better handles, a better shot, and can defend better). I know, the Suns are struggling, but it's not because Hackim Warrick is not producing. Nash is pick and rolling with him and he's having a career year. They've got other problems.

So, Randolph won't play much this year. Mike D'Antoni needs to get off the hot seat, so he runs Amare hard this year, and squeezes as many wins out of the team as possible. Knicks make the playoffs. In the offseason, we get some upgrades. Over the next two to three years, Randolph relieves Amare more and more. Eventually they are splitting time. Because of reduced minutes, Amare is able to produce for about two more years than everyone thought he would.

Then Amare passes the torch and Anthony Randolph (who will be entering his prime) takes over as our new dominant power forward, much bigger, stronger, smarter, and mature than he is now.

Donnie is smart guys. I think he's making moves waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of what we're thinking. So, we probably won't see much Anthony Randolph this year. His job right now is to sit and watch the tutorial. But, I'm pretty certain that he's going to be a big part of the future.

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