Dec 15th Might Be The Beginning Of Something New

Dec 15th is a big date, mark it on your calendars folks because from that day onto the trade deadline the NBA will quite possibly go through an extreme makeover (Trade Edition). More importantly the Knicks will most likely have a makeover as well. The exuberance of this makeover is still unknown but some may believe it's almost certain that Donnie will make at least one trade. For those who are a tad lost, when Dec 15th arrives teams can then include players who were acquired during the free agency period in trades.

The Knicks have nearly a completely new team on their hands due to free agent signings making it harder for them to execute a trade before Dec 15th. Kelenna Azubuike, Raymond Felton, Roger Mason Jr., Timofey Mozgov, Anthony Randolph, Amare Stoudemire, Ronny Turiaf and Shawne Williams are all untouchable players until the Dec 15th restrictions are lifted. Most of the trade rumors being floated around had involved at least one of these 8 players, most noticeably Anthony Randolph. 

The main trade or player that's been talked about is no doubt Carmelo Anthony. One could imagine that  Donnie may restrain from making any moves in order to maintain cap stability for the big fish. This is most definitely a possibility and if Donnie doesn't take much action after Dec 15th it'll most likely mean that he's in serious talks with Denver and refuses to screw up any scenarios where 'Melo could land here in New York.

This team has it's share of issues, the need for a Center and a backup point guard has been talked about and Donnie himself has even acknowledged the weakness at those particular positions. With all the talking going around Donnie may already have a deal on the table and is simply waiting for Dec 15th to pull the trigger. We may be welcoming a player or two to New York or even saying farewell to one for a draft pick in return...



Is Randolph and Walker going to be moved for O.J. Mayo

Is Randolph going to be traded for a first round pick, which would possibly be sent to Denver in a 'Melo deal

Will an offer for Landry Fields be too good for Donnie to turn down

Will we mingle with the Trailblazers in an attempt to pry one of their veterans away from them

I really have no clue what's going to happen but no matter if Donnie sells the team to the devil or keeps the team how it is I know he has a plan; a plan that he's going to follow through.

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