Have We Lost Faith?

Note: My intentions for the quoting are not to "expose" false predictions. They're here to show the excitement about players who have little to no impact on games. So if I quoted you... Don't take it the wrong way. xmas smiley #4614

Wilson Chandler is not a starting Power Forward, Toney Douglas is not a Point Guard and these are two obvious facts. We know we need a starting Center/Power Forward and a backup Point Guard. So here's where I'm heading, is trading for pieces (or dropping players to pick up someone) to fill those holes extremely necessary? Hmm, let me rephrase that; is it necessary at all? I don't know which side of the seesaw I'm on with this one, maybe at the conclusion of this article I'll come to a decision but I do have some opinions on the situation if you allow me to continue.

I don't usually ask folks to take the jump with me since you know... We don't actually jump in FanPost but go ahead, take the jump if you'd like.


So you've probably guessed by now that the point of this post is to somewhat evaluate the rotting talent on our bench and explore the wonderful possibilities of them filling in at some needed positions. First up, The Canadian.



Andy Rautins : Backup Point Guard?

But what is intriguing is that he played PG for the Canadian national team. Who has that on their resume? On Syracuse, Boheim thought of playing him at the 1 this year to enhance his draft potential… but he had other guys to play the one so Rautins seems to have done what’s best for the team.

If he is capable of playing point guard – and he seems to have the intelligence and leadership and passing ability (and outside shooting ability) to do so – not to mention he cares about defense – it kind of changes the game on him. It’s still a big if, but I now see this as a prudent, intelligent second round risk.

by fuhry on Jun 26, 2010 11:03 AM EDT

If I recall correctly, Rautins played a fair share of minutes at the point during the Summer League and I don't remember ever being disgusted nor angered by his play. It was disappointing to see him miss handfuls of open three-pointers but that was my only serious knock on the guy since he was drafted for his range.

We don't need much out of a backup point guard honestly. Someone that can relieve Felton, keep the offense at the right pace, dish out a few assist and knock down a couple of shots per night would be nice. If he could run the PNR and play some defense those are added bonuses. Also, news has gotten out that he previously impressed at the point guard position in practice so the coaches may not be completely against this idea.

So is trading/dropping+adding players necessary for the backup point guard position? Is Andy Rautins the answer?



Timofey Mozgov : Starting Center? Backup Center?

What I like about Timofey MozGov (from seeing videos of him on YouTube), is his defensive awareness…He can grab both offensive and defensive rebounds and can block shots in the paint. I hope he carry that same intensity in New York.

by NYKFan4Life on Jul 27, 2010 9:14 PM EDT

Mozgov looked nice in the FIBA World Championship, I had a pleasure keeping tabs on Mozzy and it was even better seeing him do well during the preseason. I don't know what happened to Ol' Timmy but if "someone put a gun to my head, I'll saaaaaaaaay" that nerves are getting the best of him.

During the World Championship Mozgov showed mean defensive presence, solid screen setting, productive PNR, inside force, his ability to get to the line, he had skills. As of late it seems like all that skill has surrendered to his nerves. Most of his talents are now non-existent. His defense isn't as mean, he's getting called for moving screens, his PNR game were seen in rare instances when he didn't fumble the pass ( In his defense all were not perfect passes for a 7'1 behemoth), his forcefulness shriveled against NBA caliber bigs and he rarely gets to the line. It's like we got the Summer League version of Jerome Jordan in Mozzy!

All of that said there is still reason to believe Mozgov can help this team. We knew he was a project from the beginning, projects usually take time, that's kind of what makes them a project. Maybe all Mozgov needs is some time and confidence.

So is trading/dropping+adding players necessary for the starting Center position? Is Timofey Mozgov the answer?



Anthony Randolph : Starting Power Forward?

It will be up to Dan to bring out the best in Randolph There is a great deal on the line here. If AR improves over last year-which means reducing mistakes- this team will be miles ahead of last year’s team. AR can mean the difference between a good Knick team and a very good Knick team.

by Vincent C on Jul 28, 2010 12:25 PM EDT

Take a second and think back when we first got Randolph, think about the expectations we originally had for him and all of the sheer awesomeness that he could bring to this team... Now after seeing what the team is capable of without him, take his previous awesomeness and add it on top of the awesomeness we already have and what do you get? Infinite awesomeness is what you get!

Lately Amare Stoudemire has been tearing Centers a new one and if It aint broke don't fix it right? If you aren't too pleased with the thought of starting Mozzy at Center again try this out. Randolph can start at Power Forward and lend a big body and long arms for our rebounding issues. Chandler can't go up against rebounding 4's. Guys like Kevin Love and Carlos Boozer have field days cleaning the glass against Chandler, Randolph could at least frustrate those type of guys with some resistance. Besides, I always liked Chandler as a 6th man anyway.

The only bad I see coming out of this is Randolph continuing to be as dumb as your laziest cat and hurting his stock which would make trading him much more difficult. The good certainly outweighs the bad however and if Randolph can become his old self again is it safe to say we'd be unstoppable?

So is trading/dropping+adding players necessary for the starting Power Forward position? Is Anthony Randolph the answer?



Just like Shawne Williams, just like Bill Walker, just like Darko Milicic, hell even like J.J. Redick; hidden talents emerge off of benches every year. Whether they've been fermenting on the bench of the same team they eventually shine for or are traded away and shine elsewhere the fact remains the same. Just because a player isn't logging any minutes doesn't mean he's completely useless. Hell, I'm sure even Adam Morrison has something to bring to the table for certain teams. Rings don't lie do they?? He could be a good luck charm maybe? Ok he's hopeless.

We have ballers on our bench turning into prunes and raisins, just drying away. Have you looked at Shawne Williams lately? The kid is in his twenties and looks like he's been through world wars; we got him just in time. We have to test these guys while we still can because sooner or later it'll be too late.

I'm not saying give them all a shot during live action in the middle of the game, but what I am proposing is that we take a long hard look at what we already have and make sure our holes are as big as we originally imagined... Wow

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