blizzard insanity... let's make deals

people are snowed in, we're 18-12 and there's no actual knicks game to watch... i say let's go nuts, lord of the flies style, and have everyone post their ideal TRADE MACHINE APPROVED moves that they'd want to see...

than let's all be as condescending as we can  as we judge the "other guys'" moves (while staying at least mildly civil).  the only rules are... THERE ARE NO RULES! (except maybe that we're not allowed to talk about peoples mothers).

you should also try to explain WHY the other team MIGHT consider making the moves (to prevent exceedingly foolish trades where the knicks get everything and the other team gets no benefit). also, there may be some draft picks that need to be added, but for the purpose of this post, we'll overlook this

here's mine:

knicks do it because: 

we stay young (verajao 28, iggy 26, gibson 24)

we improve our depth (battie and gibson and moving chandler and fields to the bench for iggy and verajao), defense and rebounding (verajao, iggy) and outside shooting (gibson and battie on the PnR), while adding a borderline star/defensive stopper (iggy, for wade, allen, kobe, pierce etc)

the contracts, while larger and longer than is ideal, are for players that compliment each other and are for young enough players that they'll have trade value for a while now... plus, at some point, we're going to need to pay guys to play for the chip 

plus... we don't empty the cupboard for one max contract... cough cough

the cavs do it because:

they unload longer term, higher contracts (verajao, gibson, jamison) to bring in shorter, less expensive contracts of young players with potential that are defensive minded like scott likes (mozgov and TD)

they get a "name brand" that keeps cav fans interested who may form a pretty formidable front line with jj hickson

the sixers do it because:

they get 2 expiring contracts for over 14 million

they unload brand who wasn't happy and bring in jamison who has 1 year less on his contract

they get a sturdy, servicable back up guard in sessions to help out jrue

and they get a cheap 21 year old talent with "loads of upside)

they unload iggy and his contract to create room for evan turner and jodie meeks

so go ahead guys, make your pitches, and understand NONE OF US ARE GM'S, so there may be some flaws in these plans... and this is meant to be fun, where each trade has as much credibility as we can muster. 

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