How to move the Knicks forward next season.


Carmelo Anthony will not be a knick this season and not likely next season.  Denver does not have any reason to trade him to the Knicks except for Amar'e Stoudemire.  Since I don't think Donnie is giving up STAT you can forget it. There are rules to this thing that ESPN and fans seem to overlook. The fastest way to get fired as a GM in this league is to trade a superstar in the prime of his career and not either get another superstar in return or that you have gutted another team in the process. Secondly, you never trade a superstar when your team is in playoff contention. Giving away playoff seasons does not make owners happy. Playoffs mean revenue and owners want revenue! Now there is also this thing called a lockout. It is going to happen folks unless the players completely cave in before July 1st. Once that hits there is no way in hell Carmelo opts out of his contract. Mr. Anthony is guaranteed 18.5 mil next year, and he is not going to walk away from that, even if he hates being in Denver, for the 13 mil max contract that will likely come out of this new CBA.  So really folks the earliest that you will be able to buy a Carmelo Anthony jersey in Orange and Blue is July 2012.  So what can we do to make the team better? Jump and see.


Without the option for Anthony, Wilson Chandler will almost certainly be resigned unless someone else offers him a 2nd level max deal (13 mil now 10mil under the proposed new CBA). Why we keep him is self explanatory.


Next we should try to acquire Rudy Fernandez. He doesn't want to be in Portland and Portland doesn't really want him either (primarily because he does not want to be there.) Last off season Donnie tried to get him but Portland wanted way too much. It should be easier this time around, he will be in his walk year and it is doubtful they would match if someone signed him. So we may be able to acquire him for a trade exception(Portland is looking to clear cap space). If not we may be able to work a deal with a third team to get him like the Bobcats who are also looking to save money and may take a trade exception in return.  Why do we get him? Three reasons-

1. He is a respected 3pt shooter who can fill Gallo's role in the offense, which can free D'Antoni up to actually do some of the things he says he wants to do with Gallo in the offense.

2. Because he can fill Gallo's role in the offense, he makes it easier to trade Gallo should the Knicks decide to go that route.  What Gallo does is too important to the functioning of the offense to trade him without getting someone who can step in and fill his role.

3. He can take pressure off of Felton and Douglas- Rudy Fernandez is not a shooting guard, though he plays one in Portland. Fernandez when he was in Spain was primarily a point guard, he feels that is his best position and where he can best use his skills. Part of the reason he wants to leave Portland is so he can go to another team that will allow him to play more point. He could be the primary ball handler on the floor with Douglas and allow TD to play his more natural shooting guard position in the offense.


Next we should acquire Marc Gasol. Contrary to what I keep reading around here Gasol is not a restricted free agent. 2nd round picks can only be restricted by the original team that drafted them and they are limited by the Arenas rule. Gasol was traded to Memphis before he accumulated any NBA service time so he came without bird rights attached. Therefore he is an unrestricted free agent and can be signed by us for any amount we can get him to agree to. Why we do it:

1. Gasol is a legitimate Center who can defend and rebound, therefore he takes pressure off of Amar'e to be a full time Center.

2. While Gasol is not the Athlete that Pau is nor does he possess his older brother's skill level, but he has decent hands and can catch and finish in the pick and roll. He also is not a complete liability on offense, sure he can't score like Pau but he has a soft touch around the basket and has even developed a 15ft. jump shot. And like Pau he is an excellent passer for a big man. While his primary benefit will be on defense he can be useful in the offense as well.


In addition to signing Chandler, if we have the chance to acquire these players we should. They improve the overall talent of the team and allow D'Antoni to get more out of the offense and defense.

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