How Should We Do This?


Who's going streaking? We are; we all are. There's no doubt that this team has been impressive, but there's also no doubt that we are far from perfect and there are holes which need plugging. Most noticeably we have an undersized shooting guard backing up the point and simply cannot run the offense and a somewhat injury prone backup center taking on a heavier load than he should causing wear and tear on his body. Originally we were worried about the gaping hole at the 2 which was eventually partially filled with the emergence of rookie Landry Fields, now that that's been taken care of for now what should we do next? There have been two reports over the past couple of days addressing our backup Point Guard and starting Center issues.

Jonathan Abrams of The New York Times has got us covered with insight on moves being made for a backup PG.

The Knicks have made inquiries to other teams about acquiring a low-cost backup point guard to preserve the starter Raymond Felton, according to two N.B.A. executives with knowledge of the organization’s discussions. The Knicks are looking at players whose contracts expire at the end of the season in order to keep their salary-cap space for the summer. They are willing to part with Bill Walker, according to the executives.

Not that Toney Douglas is a bad player or anything but the guy just cannot play the Point Guard position appropriately. I won't go into detail and bash Douglas because he is a good player and fans from other teams already think we underestimate the guy which we don't. It's just the simple fact that he can't run the offense properly and as a result Raymond Felton is 3rd among all Point Guards in minutes per game with 38. A backup would take a pair of weights off of Felton and give him more relief and time to rest up without having to worry about our offense moving at snail pace like it does now when he's out of the game. A veteran back up for Ray would do this team a great favor. We've all talked about the possible expiring point guards but according to a report early this morning we should be more focused on the big men on the market.


Alan Hahn reports that the Knicks are more enamored with adding size than they are with adding a PG.

And the Knicks are going to need more size, as well, and that's why, if you talk with anyone inside the Knicks braintrust -- all the scouts are in town for meetings as the trade front begins to see action -- they'll tell you the team's putting more emphasis on looking for size to bolster the front line more than they're in the market for a backup point guard.

D'Antoni last week hinted to the team's need to "solve the problem of him not being that important," which suggests they're aware the knee won't allow Turiaf to be someone they can count on every night.

Some of you may have seen this already in Seth's front page post, while some may be finding out right now, either way it's definitely worth a look. Ronny Turiaf is a great, great player; I love him on this team and everything he brings. He's a lot of things but one thing he is not is a starting Center. Having already missed a handful of games due to another knee injury it's pretty clear that Turiaf isn't capable of garnishing a starting role all season long. The last thing we need is for him to get hurt badly. Timofey Mozgov can always start games and do some good but is it enough?

Want to know what I think? If you're reading you must want to so I'll give my honest opinion. Eddy Curry. He says he's ready to play, I'm not sure if the coaches are in agreement with that statement or not but with surprises like Landry Fields and Shawne Williams how much could it hurt us to give Curry 10 minutes? None of us know for sure the basketball state that Curry is in but the coaches do and with our need at Center if Curry doesn't get a shot that should say enough about him. Same thing goes for Anthony Randolph and Andy Rautins and the case for him to play the point which few, including myself have rallied for. If the coaches believed that we had players on the bench that could provide assistance they would use them. Let's have some faith in our coaching staff; they have 1000x's more inside knowledge than we do. I trust them.

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