The Jackie Butler All Stars! (aka The Knicks' Scrubs Hall of Fame)


After ShawnEEEEE's outstanding performance, I wanted to go back in Knick history and delve into random Knicks who played pretty well, but due to our homerism, sent us into a collective 'OMGZ, _____ is awesomessszzz!!!'   Of course, I named this squad after one of the best examples of this phenomenon, hence the name, The Jackie Butler All Stars! 

Seeing as how I've only really followed the Knicks after puberty, I'll only be really covering players after the 96-97 season (year of the infamous 'John Wallace Draft', the first draft I remember watching).

**I started this entry w/o realizing there was a scrubdown list already.  Seeing as how I spent nearly an hour on this already, I'm not gonna delete it, but hope this serves as a complement to the award winning Scrubdown series.**

Starting Five:

Jackie Butler

I want to do justice to Jackie Butler in this quick synopsis, but I know I won't.  He's beloved by every Knicks fan that I know of and mere mention of his name brings a smile a single tear drop to Knicks fans' faces.  He garnered the underrated label from practically everyone, from Hollinger to Knickerblogger, even facebook, where he only has 20 members in his fan club. 

Jackie could never do any wrong and when he was signed away to the Spurs, Knicks fans all over the world were in outrage. We were all pretty sure with another year, he'd bring home the title to the Knicks, but instead, he brought the Spurs the 2006-2007 title, destroying Lebron in the process. 

Like only the greatest of men, he quit while he was on top, never playing another game past the 2006-2007 season, but he will forever be known as the team captian of the 'Jackie Bulter All Star' team. 

Frank Williams

Ahh Frank Williams.  This is my personal favorite player of the Jackie Butler all stars.  He was in the Nene+Camby for Mcdyess trade and for my money, the key in the trade.  I think part of my reasoning came from this ESPN article by the immortal Raphy Wiley.  Frank even played well, garnering 18 and 6 ast, 14 and 4 and 18 and 18 and 5 in three consecutive games.  Wait, aren't we looking for a back up PG?  Where's Franky's #??  Get him here!  Frank Williams FOREVERRZZ!

John Wallace

After tearing through the NCAA tourney, we were (or at least me) salivating at getting a home-state kid.  Falling all the way to the 18th pick, none of us really thought, 'hey, I wonder why John Wallace dropped to the 18th pick'.  Instead, we all thought, 'JOHN WALLACE?!  HOW DID WE GET HIM?!!?  LOLZZ' 

And John Wallace certainly started out well, scoring 10, 14, 12, 11, and 16.  After that?  He had 3 double digit scoring nights for the rest of the year.  From what I can gather by typing in 'John Wallace playing time' in google, seems like he had some work ethic issues (Tim Thomas anyone?).  Also, he was allegedly friends with Derrick Coleman, which allegedly plumetted his draft stock. Apparently being friends with DC is just as damaging to your rep as being lazy, taking drugs, or committing sexual crimes; so uh, don't be friends with Derrick Coleman.

Mike Sweetney

Or as he's called now, that fat guy.  Ironically, he was traded for our resident albatross fat guy, Eddy Curry.  Doubly ironic, his nickname is 'Sweets' according to the infallible Shamsports

 Inhis one and only season with the Knicks, he managed a crazy 17.2 PER during his rookie year.  All we wanted him to get was playing time,  and he got some toward the end of the season, showcasing his talents to the tune of a 15 and 9 and 16 and 12 in April of 2004.  We were all certainly impressed and looked forward to his sophomore campaign.  Two trades and 6000 donuts later, I think he's playing in Korea.

Lee Nailon

I remember him going crazy (i.e. scoring double digits in 5 straight games) and wondering why he never got more playing time.  Apperantly, I wasn't the only one.  This guy even compared him to Spree and thought he had a bright future as well.  He also has 156 members to the 'Official Lee Nailon Fan Club'


Rick Brunson

The man knew how to cheer from the bench.  Any and all 15th men in the league should watch game tape of him hyping up plays and going crazy after decent plays.  I googled 'Rick Brunson Cheering' and the 5th link was from our very own P&T's Anthony Mason's Haircut.  Click on link to find out more about the best bench warmer to ever suit it up.

I'm feeling lazy so here are a couple more sans links and great description:

Qyntel Woods

Already a Scrubdownparticipant as well. 

Lavar Postell

St. John's product who I thought was gonna be Spree 2.0.  More like the prequel to Demtri Nichols.

Randolph Morris

Random center signing.  He tried his best to emulate Jackie Butler, but didn't have the name or game to overtake Jackie's starting spot.

Moochie Norris

Simply cause of the hair.

Sergio Rodriguez

As soon as I read 'Spanish Chocolate' in his profile, I knew I wanted him to be a Knick.  I even youtubed him every 4 weeks to see if any new highlights came up.  Then, when he finally became a Knick, I realized his highlight reel was similar to a trailer of a terrible comedy movie: all the good bits are in the trailer. 

Johnathan 'Legs' Bender

We freakin have a shirt named after him!

NBA Rights Held: Milos Vujanic

I will forever believe that he was going to be our savior, although I hadn't actually seen him play.  Both me and my friend were both sad that we had to give up the #1 international prospect for Marbury.  He would never don an NBA uniform.  MILOS4LYF!

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