Some questions

Hey Knicks fans, I'm from Canis Hoopus and just wanted to see what you guys are thinking about your current team.

And for starters, let me thank the few of you who read the 'Tim Allen's Game Preview' and got angry about it. It's a nice uninentional comedic side-effect of the posts (watching other fans get genuinely upset about it). I don't know if it's better when they do or don't realize it's a joke. On the one hand, some people are just too slow on the uptake, so we can laugh at them. And on the other hand, people are just too sensitive about their sports and we can laugh at them (Wolves fans have learned to laugh about their team over the years. The ones who didn't learn are now extinct). So in the future, while it is fun to laugh at you guys, try not to take it so seriously. And if you still take it seriously, go read some other team previews, laugh at those, and then realize you are an idiot for taking your own team too seriously.

More to the point though, I was just wondering about your current squad. There was an insider article recently saying you were trying to acquire a backup PG for the season and some people were wondering how seriously. All we really have to offer that is expiring is Bassy Telfair, who is extremely obnoxious to watch, but he consistently has a huge positive effect on everyone he plays with (last time he was in MN, every single player on the team played better when he was in the game. That trend seems to be continuing so far this season). He takes it upon himself to take a few heat check shots every time he makes a couple, but I'd like to think that this would stop if he was with some more ball dominant scorers (all we have is Beasley). Personally, I love Telfair and was thrilled to have him back here. But right now 4 backup PGs are pretending to be starters and one has to go (I'd prefer it was Flynn, but I find that unlikely at best). My ultimate wishlist would be for us to trade Flynn this season and resign Telfair after this season for 4ish years and $8ish million as the permanent co-backup. But I'm not GM, so I don't believe I'll ever see him in a Wolves uniform after this season.

Now to the point that concerns you guys. While any deal we agree on here will obviously not happen (too many people seem to think this is the case), it's fun to think about and see how other teams gauge their players. And someone(s) here will undoubtedly try to convince me that Bill Walker is a stud-in-waiting, but please realize that, once again, even if you manage to convince me (unlikely), it's not going to make the deal magically happen. So I guess feel free to waste your time with it if you really want to. But you guys obviously don't have Anthony Randolph in your long-term plans and, unfortunately, he is the exact player-type that Kahn wants so badly. Just wondering how you guys value him and what kind of deal we can imagine that would get you guys a backup PG and us Randolph.

Since I made the mistake of going to the GSoM blog and asking this same question with some ideas a year ago, I won't make it again. Last time they said (and it was nearly a consensus) anything less than Love and Rubio for Randolph wouldn't cut it. I quietly laughed to myself and left. Even this summer they thought Love and our 4th pick was even for Randolph and their 6th. Again, we laughed at them and tried to ignore the multitude of posts we received on Canis Hoopus trying to convince us that Randolph was a combination of Garnett and Camby just waiting to happen.

So now that his value is finally around where it should be (backup 4/5 who doesn't expect an $8M/yr extension), just wanted to check how you guys value him and what you think a fair deal would be with these two being the centerpieces.

On the block for us would be any of our PGs (Minus Rubio. And please no Wilson Chandler for Rubio trades, we've heard that plenty already, please and thanks and 'haha' for the person who will undoubtedly still make the joke), Corey Brewer, Wayne Ellington, Nikola Pekovic (Morey had interest in him this summer, don't you guys still owe him a pick? Three-team trade earns points for creativity), the ability to eat cap space, and/or multiple draft picks.


And some random questions (I don't really need elaborate explanations, so don't worry about wasting too much of your time), because who better to ask?

  • What do you guys expect from Gallo going forward?
  • Who is your main target in the next FA period (apart from Chris Paul and Melo)?
  • Any solutions for SG? Or a better defensive center?
  • How are you guys liking D'Antoni?
  • Thoughts on the Nets moving to Brooklyn? Like it, hate it, or won't make a difference since New Jersey is pretty much New York anyways? ;)

And congrats on Fields. He's been a nice surprise!

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