Can't we all get along?

Editor's Note: I'm Seth Rosenthal and I approve this post. Here's Mase, from the Fanposts.

Being a Knicks fan during the NBA Trade deadline over the past six or seven years has been a wild rollercoaster.  There have been ups, there have been downs, there have also been exhausting rants, packs of cigarettes, teeth-gnashing, and one time I popped a blood vessel in my eyeball (when learning the Knicks had acquired Larry Hughes).

Even after all of this, I looked forward to discussing today's trade for Tracy McGrady's contract.  Instead there has been in-fighting and name calling.

Not to sound like a dirty hippie, but can't we all just get along?

Donnie Walsh took a risk.  He essentially surrendered three first round draft picks in order to get enough cap space to lure two mega free agents.  He gave up on Jordan Hill, he took a page out of Isiah's book (the swapping picks phenomenon that killed the Knicks in 2006), and mortgaged another piece of the future (2012 pick).  It was a hefty price, but he stuck with his plan: clear as much cap space as possible to roll the dice this summer.

A "plan" is something that Scott Layden never had, and a concept that Isiah Thomas never understood.  You may like the plan, or you may hate the plan, but it's a plan.  It's something that the Knicks haven't had since the Checketts/Grunfeld regime.

There will be a lot of uncertainty heading into the Summer of 2010.  However, one thing I'm certain of is regardless of who comes and who goes, the Knicks will field their best team in the 2010-11 season in a decade.  It's a decade that's included two playoff wins, ridiculous contracts, embarrassing trades, and the degradation of the Knicks franchise into a nationwide laughing stock.  For so many years under Layden/Thomas, the Knicks kept digging themselves deeper and deeper into a crater.  Now, if you squint, you can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ultimately, what Donnie did with all of this is give the Knicks a chance.  Nothing more, nothing less - just a chance.  A chance at signing two mega free agents, and turning this team into an NBA Championship contender overnight.  All of the arguing over who the Knicks should sign, will LeBron leave Cleveland, is/isn't Chris Bosh superiorly week, will Mike D'Antoni DNP-CD Joe Johnson after two missed shots, etc. is pointless.  Whatever happens, happens.

But, I'm happy today because this franchise is finally moving forward - something that I (and most of you) have been waiting to say for over a decade.  Floundering, rebuilding on the fly, and taking on lucrative contracts for marginal players wasn't getting the Knicks anywhere.  Now, at least the Knicks are going somewhere.


Hopefully it's back to the top. 

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