Your 2009-2010 Knicks: Outlook for our team the rest of the way

I'll be listing the players that we have now, what the 8-man rotation will look like and a reason for all these trades which no one has really mentioned (hint: it has to do with the complaining).

So after a crazy trade deadline and Seth nearly on the verge of melting down, I just wanted to kind of organize the collective thoughts of the P&T community and really write out what our team looks like now.  So here it goes:

Starting 5:
Tracy Mcgrady | Wilson Chander | Danilo Gallinari | Al Harrington | David Lee

Back Ups w/ Playing Time: 
Chris Duhon | Eddie House | Johnathan Bender

The Bench Warmers:
Sergio Rodriguez | DWTDD | J.R. Giddens | Bill Walker | Eddy Curry

Analysis of Starting 5

1. Where the hell's the PG?

Why no traditional 'PG' in the starting 5?  Because Mcgrady is an excellent passer, despite being 2 steps slower then he used to be...which might be as fast as Chris Duhon and Pringles hasn't really been a fan of what Duhon is bringing.  I would even say that Duhon might be looking at a significant decrease in minutes, and to be honest, he earned that decrease.  2 years ago, he signed with the Knicks to prove that he could be a starting PG.  He has proven he can't be. 

2. That is one tall line up
Think about it, everyone in that line up is 6'7 and above.  You basically have 4 SF playing with a PF.  3 guys who can shoot the 3 (creating mismatch problems) and a 4th who can hit an occasional 3.  Defensively, it's not great, but since we switch all the time anyway, the only real mismatch would be a team with an elite post player.  But offensively..goodness.  It's mismatches across the board. 

This kind of line up brings me back to my NBA 2k7 playing days.  Regardless of the team I was playing with, I'd always put my top guard at the PG spot and went tall across the board, with a fast PF at the Center spot.  I'd crush people because they couldn't guard my tall PG/playmaker with their PG and I'd destroy them with my speedy Center.  Also, I'd be able to outrebound because of the height mismatches I had everywhere else.  This is how I envision D'Anton iusing this team.  Offensive mismatches across the board, a lot of drive and kick and decent ball movement with DLee, Mcgrady, and Danillo running the offense. 

3. Harrington the ball sticker
Harrington is the only guy that I'm really worried about.  Looking at this starting 5, Harrington is the one I'm afraid who will stall this offense.  But because of the lack of depth in the front court now, we really have no choice but to play him.  Look at the guys behind him: Legs, Bill Walker, Fat Man.  That's it.  So really, Harrington got his wish for PT cause frankly, no one behind him is exactly good. 

HOWEVER, I also see the scenario where Harrington becomes the sixth man of sorts for the forward spots.  Basically, a starting 5 of Duhon | Mcgrady | Chander | Danilo| Lee with Harrington spelling PF/C spot.  But Harrington WILL get starters type minutes (30-35 min range) because there's simply no one behind him that's any good.

Analysis of Back Ups

1. No front court depth
I mentioned our tall line up above, but there's no tall depth behind them.  Legs is 7', Bill Walker is 6'6, Fat Man is fat.  Everyone else is guard.  Again, Gallo, DLee, and Harrington are all gonna be logging in heavy minutes the rest of the way and I expect to see a lot of small ball, with maybe Chandler getting a spell at PF.

2. Who's complaining now?!
First off, Nate NEVER complained.  He only asked to get traded once and that was through his agent.  So all props to him.  He did but heads with D'Antoni, but again, he never openly complained to the media.

Larry Hughes...not so much.  Remember this flattering site about Hughes shot selection?  I do.  Good luck Kings.
Also, as a residual effect, Harrington is going to get all the playing time he could ever want with all the front court depth depleted.

3. Chris 'Sucks' Duhon
My question is, will he be put to the pine now?  Will he get any sort of playing time?  Eddie House is NOT a PG.  He's in the same mold as Nate, energy scorer off the bench.  But Duhon?  He's gonna get some competition from Sergio Rodriguez (more on him below).  I'm really wondering if getting Sergio spells doom for Duhon.

Analysis of the Bench Warmers

1. Sergio 'Spanish Chocolate' Rodriguez
I have a soft spot for guys nicknamed (blank) Chocolate.  My favorite?  A random drunk guy that came into Wings to Go (my college job) and started shouting, "Sexual Chocolate is here!"  Then he kissed my co-worker's, a cashier, hand.  That was awesome.

But I digress.  I've always been intrigued by Sergio's playmaking and flair...but can I expect D'Antoni to actually play him?  I think Sergio will play, more due to Duhon sucking, rather then Sergio excelling.

2. No complainers
None of these guys are going to be complaining (at least I hope not).  They haven't complained before, they shouldn't complain now.  I think Bill Walker gets the Marcus Landry trash time minutes.

Aside from Sergio, will TD DWTDD?  Again, I think his PT will be a byproduct of any of the above guards sucking..but sadly I don't think TD will get much time.  However next year?  I'm giddy to see what TD can do.


Jim Mora on the Knicks:

"What’s that? Ah — Playoffs? Don’t talk about — playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game! Another game."

So the real question is, will we make the playoffs?  Well, we'd need to go 22-7 to break at .500.  So I'm inclined to say no..but hey, crazier things have happened before right?  Maybe McGrady finds a pile of undetectable HGH and starts dunking from halfcourt.  Maybe Gallo never misses a 3 the rest of the year.  Maybe DLee grows another 3 inches to become the baddest 7'0 white center the world has ever seen.  Who knows.  But you know what?  I'll be rooting damn hard for them. 

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