Knicks 128, Mavs 94: "I'm pretty sure the storm outed all of our cable and they just played this fictitious tape in its place."

Editor's note: Still no power for me. I'm in a coffee shop trying to catch up on last night's action as best I can. Thanks so much to Wilson Chandler's (oddly talkative) Voicebox for the recap. Enjoy:

Rigsay put it best. Tonight's game was definitely something you had to see to believe. After a vomit-inducing 50 point loss to the Mavericks nearly two months ago, the Knicks proved to still have a little heart and not just counting down to July 1. The 34-point blowout marked the biggest loss by a team with a 13+ winning streak, as well as the biggest turnaround between two games in a season (84). As Al "Bricks" Harrington put it: "Revenge is sweet."

Game notes after the jump...

- Good things happen when you DWTDD. 21 points. 4-for-4 from downtown. 8 assists. Zero turnovers. I'm pretty sure he saved a group of children from a burning building and wrestled a bear during halftime too. Douglas was also tenacious on defense and a burst of energy on both ends of the court. While D'Antoni's lineup has been a revolving door recently, it seems Toney D is a lock for quality minutes the rest of the way.


- "The Human Double-Double" David Lee was solid in this one, with 15 points on 6-for-12 shooting, 14 boards, and dishing out 7 assists. He benefited from the Mavs surprisingly deciding to play small-ball tonight, with Haywood and Dampier getting limited minutes.

- Walt Frazier continues to be a master of linguistics that none of us will ever be fully capable to understand. His use of phrases such as "allusive and abusive" and his addition of the letter R to almost everyone's name is truly impeccable. Clyde just may be the smoothest guy on the planet.

- Halftime snack: Philly Cheesesteak Hot Pockets and Cheddar Cheese Pringles. Just in case you were wondering.

Bill Walker (23), Wilson Chandler (22) and Harrington (20) were all efficient. Chandler attacked the rim with the athleticism we love to see, and Big Al's performance didn't have everyone screaming at him on the TV screen. And is it safe now to include Walker as Knicks who will definitely be back next year? T-Mac was pretty quiet for most of the night, although he had an impressive third quarter. McGrady hit two from downtown, and an vintage and-1 after getting Dirk in the air.

- Every Knick that played had a positive in +/- column (yes, even Duhon). It makes you wonder, what would've Eddy Curry done?

Well that's all folks. If you haven't seen Jarvis Varnado in action, check him out vs Kentucky in the SEC Championship game at 1pm. Stay classy, P&T.

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