chris dudehon


chris duhon signed a two year deal with the knicks, almost two years ago.  and i'll be damned if he didn't surprise me for the first two months, and disappoint me beyond belief for the ensuing 18+ months.  when the duhon era started i was 25, now i'm 40.  

i'm not gonna bore myself (or you) to death with stats.  i won't drown myself (or you) to death with them either.  we all know he sucked.  he was so god damn bad its nearly unfathomable.  despite his infinite struggles, duhon has had flashes of nba point guard normalcy.  and beyond all his awful, shitty, horrific, gruesome, tempestuous, pathetic and lazy attempts at running the ship- there's no denying that chris has been a pro's pro.  he doesn't complain about al harrington's tunnel vision, nor gallinari's inexperience.  he doesn't complain about wilson chandler's tendency to lose his aggressivness.  he doesn't throw david lee under the bus for not being more of a leader, or perhaps a better defender.  he never spoke critically on the rise and fall, and fall and eventual dismissal of nate robinson.  and most of all, he never made excuses for his unrelentingly poor play.

what he did do, is blame a lot of the losing on himself.  ballsy.  makes ya think.  it makes me think....



....chris duhon will be the starting point guard for he new york knicks next season.  oh yes.  it's true.  on opening day you can garuntee that your starting point guard is already with the team.  

coach d'antoni just can't resist putting duhon out there with the starting five.  try and tell me we haven't seen it time and again.  they have some sort of relationship that includes duhon starting and me losing hair.  its been raping my eyes for quite a while.  and i just don't want you, yes you, out there, to have the wrong impression.  he will re-sign with the knicks.

the point guard options are pretty slim this coming off-season, and i'm not going to really get into it, because i'm sure i should reserve the deep end of this discussion for osborn.  i just want you to realize the terror that is staring and menacing us even though we are not looking at it.




so rather than be upset when he re-signs in the first few days of free agency.  just get rid of your anger now.  chris duhon, starting point guard for the new york knicks, will sign a 2-year deal with a player option for the third year, and will make between 5 and 7 million a year.  talk about coming to terms.  

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