Walsh Review Part 2: The '08 Draft

I'll be evaluating his 08 draft.  Hint: I still don't want Walsh fired.

2008 Draft:
It's hard to figure out how to evaluate a draft without knowing one, the roster at the time, and two, the situation.  So let's take a look at the roster at the end of 2007 (copy and pasted from basketball reference).

32 Renaldo Balkman F 6-8 208 July 14, 1984 1 University of South Carolina
21 Wilson Chandler F 6-8 220 May 10, 1987 R DePaul University
25 Mardy Collins G 6-6 220 August 4, 1984 1 Temple University
11 Jamal Crawford G 6-6 185 March 20, 1980 7 University of Michigan
34 Eddy Curry C 6-11 285 December 5, 1982 6
13 Jerome James C 7-0 300 November 17, 1975 7 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
20 Jared Jeffries F 6-11 230 November 25, 1981 5 Indiana University
2 Fred Jones G-F 6-4 210 March 11, 1979 5 University of Oregon
42 David Lee F 6-9 249 April 29, 1983 2 University of Florida
3 Stephon Marbury G 6-2 180 February 20, 1977 11 Georgia Institute of Technology
5 Randolph Morris C 6-10 266 January 2, 1986 1 University of Kentucky
50 Zach Randolph F 6-9 253 July 16, 1981 6 Michigan State University
23 Quentin Richardson G 6-6 223 April 13, 1980 7 DePaul University
4 Nate Robinson G 5-9 180 May 31, 1984 2 University of Washington
31 Malik Rose F 6-7 250 November 23, 1974 11 Drexel University

Review of the Roster

Swing men
Your 8 man rotation based on minutes played?  Jamal Crawford, David Lee, ZBo, Nate Robinson, Quinton Richardson, Fred Jones, Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries.  Exactly how many 3 pt. shooters do you see? Highest 3pt% shooter?  Fred Jones (38.5% on 192 attempts).  How many true swing guys do you see?  Chandler was waiting on the wings, but we had no one who could shoot the 3 unless you want to include Q.  We had 2 post guys and no one who could actually stretch the defense.  Beasely went #2, meaning, there was only 1 true swing man who can cock up the 3's.

The other thing to note is we didn't really have a PG.  We had N8 and Jamal, but neither of those guys are PGs.  So just looking at the roster, our 2 biggest needs going were PG and a swing man who could shoot the 3 ball.  There was only 2 true PG's that draft (Rose, Augustin), two who are in the DWade playmaking mold (Westbrook; more PG and OJ; more SG), and one poor man's Tony Parker (Jeryd Bayless).  Rose, OJ, and Westbrook were all gone. 
**FYI, I really believe that Westbrook was our pick if he was still available (just google westbrook, knicks, 2008 draft).

Final Assesment

So to me, it seemed like it came down to either grabbing OJ or Westbrook (I LOVED Westbrook before the draft...I also liked Joe Alexander....) if either fell or grabbing Gallo.  Those were the options, especially with the way the roster was configured. 

Here are the players behind Gallo that the Knicks we also connected to:
Eric Gordon
DJ Augustin
Bird Ass Lopez
Anthony Randolph (another player Walsh loved)

Gordon is getting burn out in LA and playing well, DJ is getting reamed in the Larry Brown dog house, Bird Ass Lopez is putting up stats on one of the worst NBA teams ever (according to their record) and Anthony Randolph is having a mental breakdown while dunking and blocking all over people (seriously, why do these AK-47, Josh Smith types always end up a bit crazy?).  Gallo?  He's shining bright after a injury plagued year last year.  Of all the guys, I'd rather have the sweet Italian with 30 foot range. 

Next up is the 2009 Draft...of which I won't be quite as agreeable.

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