Players I would like to see in the orange and blue

Okay, so let's forget about the big FA's for a second.  There are bargains to be had this summer, and if the Knicks are smart, these are the players I'd like to see them target.  Bear in mind that I'm not attaching a price tag to any of these guys, mainly because I assume they can be had for around 8 mil (or far less) depending.  Instead I'll organize them into price tiers.


Price Tier One: These are the guys I'd be willing to pay up to 8 mil, so they're basically the best of the bunch who could demand that type of salary.

Brendan Haywood, Dal, C: One has to look high and low for a true 7-footer who is better at the C position this summer than Haywood.  He defends, blocks shots, and throws it down with animosity.  I'd almost consider him or a player like him a must.  Unrestricted FA.

Luis Scola, F/C, Rockets: Maybe not as legitimate a pivot defender as Haywood, you still have to like everything this guy brings.   The idea of him playing in D'Antoni's system also has me intrigued.  Few big man can pass the ball like Scola, even fewer are as crafty or greasily haired. He is a restricted free agent, though.

Rudy Gay, G/F, Grizzlies:  Obviously it would be a dream situation to get him at 8 mil, and it's almost definitely not happening with the Grizzlies' apparent interest in re-signing him.  But you never know. Restricted FA.

Price Tier Two: I wouldn't go over 5 mil for these guys, but I think at that price they should be considered.

Tyrus Thomas, Bulls, F/C: A lot has been made about the Knicks' interest in TT, and I can somewhat understand, particularly given his ability to run the floor and provide occasional weak side shot blocking.  Still, his game and desire have numerous limitations, so it'd be nice if we could get him on the cheap, especially considering he is still a young player with some room to improve.  Restricted FA.

Kyle Lowry, G, Rockets: Who wouldn't be excited about this?  Pairing the lightning bug Lowry with TD at the 1 would give us an extremely solid (and young) PG tandem.  Maybe my favorite player at this price level.  Restricted FA.

Luke Ridnour, G, Bucks: Ridnour is a lot better than he makes people think.  I'm a little iffy on him at the 5 mil level, but anything less than that would probably be a steal for us.  He's a smart, efficient playmaker who can spread the floor with his 3-pt shooting.  I'd consider him the second option at PG on this list behind Lowry.  Unrestricted FA.

Price Tier Three:  These are the players who I wouldn't mind signing for 3.5 mil or less.

Channing Frye, C, Suns: His newfound ability to shoot the three makes him relevant for D'Antoni's system.  If we do end up losing David Lee this summer, who wouldn't want to see his old buddy Frye return for the right price?  Honestly, though, I don't know what sort of contract he'll command this summer.  Certainly there is no reason to overspend on him, but it's a situation to keep an eye on for sure. *PLAYER OPTION*

J.J. Redick, G, Magic: Another floor spacer who has proven that he can actually play in this league, despite my (and just about everyone else's) initial opinion.  Given his limitations, he can probably be had for the right price.   To compare him to a current Knick, I like him a lot more than Eddie House.  Restricted FA.

Josh Boone, C, Nets:  A possible cheap option at the 5; not my favorite player in the world, but he's young and he's shown some potential.  Kind of the antithesis of Frye at this price level; if you don't like one, consider the other.  Ideally he could be had for 3 mil or less, though he is a restricted FA.

Craig Smith, F, Clippers: Definitely undersized at 6-7, I still like the guy.  Athletic, decent defender with possibility to grow in many aspects of his game.  3 mil or less.  Less ideally.  Unrestricted FA.


That's more or less it, although I'm sure I'm forgetting a few players.  Voice your thoughts!

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