Could this be our Lottery Scenario? says Philly would trade the #2 pick as long as the team is willing to take Elton Brand and his contract with it.

My question: could it be worthwhile for us to blow a big part of our capspace if it means getting Evan Turner (#2) and Elton Brand?  Of course Curry's now expiring contract would go to Philly and probably at least Chandler....

But before you guys instantly denounce Elton Brand, lets walk down to Mordor and then I'll bring you back to the Shire.

First off, his contract goes 10/11: $16Mil,  11/12: $17M, 12/13: $18.1M.  Yeah, thats expensive, but it could be worse.  He's coming off shoulder surgery and before that he ruptured his Achilles.  2 significant injuries.  Eddie Jordan clearly had no idea how to play Brand and make him effective. This season he played in 76 games and averaged 30.2 mins.  His averages were nothing to write home about, and underwhelming compared to his previous stats.
Year↓ Team↓ GP↓ GS↓ MPG↓ FG%↓ 3P%↓ FT%↓ RPG↓ APG↓ SPG↓ BPG↓ PPG↓
1999–00 Chicago 81 80 37.0 .482 .000 .685 10.0 1.9 .8 1.6 20.1
2000–01 Chicago 74 74 39.3 .476 .000 .708 10.1 3.2 1.0 1.6 20.1
2001–02 L.A. Clippers 80 80 37.8 .527 .000 .742 11.6 2.4 1.0 2.0 18.2
2002–03 L.A. Clippers 62 61 39.6 .502 .000 .685 11.3 2.5 1.1 2.5 18.5
2003–04 L.A. Clippers 69 68 38.7 .493 .000 .773 10.3 3.3 .9 2.2 20.0
2004–05 L.A. Clippers 81 81 37.0 .503 .000 .752 9.5 2.6 .8 2.1 20.0
2005–06 L.A. Clippers 79 79 39.2 .527 .333 .775 10.0 2.6 1.0 2.5 24.7
2006–07 L.A. Clippers 80 80 38.5 .533 1.000 .761 9.3 2.9 1.0 2.2 20.5
2007–08 L.A. Clippers 8 6 34.3 .456 .000 .787 8.0 2.0 .4 1.9 17.6
2008–09 Philadelphia 29 23 31.7 .447 .000 .676 8.8 1.3 .6 1.5 13.8
2009–10 Philadelphia 76 57 30.2 .480 .000 .738 6.1 1.4 1.1 1.0 13.1


Brand wants to start.  For all his lack of true height, he blocks shots with the best of them.  He will rebound too and is a double double guy.  He made it through this season without re-injuring himself, which is a big deal progress-wise too. Thing is, now that he made it through an entire season, can he regain his pre-injury form?

All told, he wasn't the Elton Brand we have come to expect, but I honestly think that was in part because Philly is such a mess right now.  Brand had flashes of his old self numerous times.  But his minutes were inconsistent.  One night he'd start, the next, on the bench.  One game he plays 34mins, then next hes in for 17.  Everyone on Philly was underwhelming this season too, and well, Eddie Jordan done got fired for it (and rightly so).  But could it be a steal if we landed Elton Brand and he h could return to his double double days as well as his 2.2 bpgs? 

Maybe this costs us David Lee, but lets talk anyways.  And what about a guy like Evan Turner?  Could he be special? After all the talk about John Wall all season, Evan Turner ended up the POY in a landslide.  He was a terrific all-around guy at Ohio State.  He's 6'7" and played PG for much of the season.  Dude fractured vertebrae in his back in December and comes back in JANUARY and picks right up where he left off.  Ohio State beats Minnesota AND Purdue on the road.  Two triple-doubles and was 2 assists from getting 2 more.  He could absolutely be a consensus #1 pick.  I've heard numerous people call him the most NBA ready guy in the draft too.

  I think we still have enough capspace to bring in another big-time player...  I mean, seriously though.  I believe Brand is not dead in the water. No, hes not worth his contract, but the chance to also nab the #2 pick??!! 

This at least bears debate. 

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