The Knicks according to Me

That's right mutha fuckas hide ya bitches and your weed cause the mutha fucka yall love to hate is gonna post some real shit.

Yall sorry asses don't know shit about building a team, the first thing you need is a mutha fuckin identity. And the one the needs need is balls out toughness.  There has been an infestation of pussy at the Garden for too long. I don't know bout yall but I only like to see pussy is in a strip club, in my bed, or at a sorority house. Gallo got balls so he can stay, so does Chandler, TD, and Walker, now we need to get some other mutha fuckas wid balls to make this team. 

First is the draft. Get that Varnado mutha fucka, he plays hard aint scared of shit, and got some thug in his game. Vasquez also, that Latin King, gots game and he don't back down from any mutha fuckin body. Mike could put his ass on Kobe and he would go out and try to hang 50 on Kobe and then try to slip dude's wife his phone number, now that is some real shit.

Now to the free agents. Fuck Lebron, I don't like the fact that he been treatin us like some poot butt gump ass bitches for the past two years, while trying to make Cleveland jealous. It made me sick to see, that Mutha Fucka prancin around tha Garden like he fuckin owned the place, and us mark ass bitches cheering for him.  This is NY that mutha fucka should come to the Garden and feel lucky if he leaves with his life and his wallet. Sorry but if you aint a Knick you gets no love. If Lebron wanted love in tha garden he should have demanded a trade.  Real talk tho, the dude we need to get is Wade, that mutha fucka got everything Lebron don't including a ring.  And we can get him too, don't believe da hype, Pat Riley was a great coach but he is a numb nutted fuck up as a GM.  For 3 years he gave Wade  garbage to work wit, so what the fuck makes anybody think he gonna get smarter over night.  Wade is like that broad in da club who comes in wit anotha dude, but she keeps looking at you a little to long, if ya know what I mean. Yeah she might be on his arm, letting him pay for her drinks and laughing at his corny ass jokes, but if you got game you will be tossin her ass in the back seat of your ride a couple of hours later.

Now We need to plug some holes in our shit so we aint raggedy, No Bosh cause he's a pussy, same wit Boozer, Amare aint coming cause after this playoff run he can walk into Kerr's office pull his dick out and Kerr will suck it. So that leaves D. Lee, yeah I smell pussy when he is on defense, but less so than with them other two gumps.  A sign and trade for Dirk would be better, Dirk aint a pussy, the rest of his team is and he aint no top dawg. But I doubts Cuban would agree to that shit. We need a center and Jermaine O'Neal is available,O'Neal aint a pussy so if his Knee is healed up then Donnie should be able to talk into signing for cheap.  Go get that mutha fucka Tyrus Thomas, if you can't get Stoudemire we should be getting the only other Mutha fucka with his level of athleticism. Now Vasquez can back up point but we might need a mutha fucka wit a little more experience, now even tho I talk shit bout Rafer Alston and he is my boy, the only advantage of getting him on the Knicks is I might get to fuck his sista. So we could go cheap, Marcus Williams got mad skills and finally seems to have gotten his shit straight and his mind right. That Mutha fucka could end up being a real baller in Mike's system. Remember dude was considered the best point in tha draft til all his off tha court shit got in tha way. We can get him for next to nuthin. The other option would be to trade for Eric Maynor (maybe for Duhon's poot butt ass).

So if we do this shit my way, dis is what our squad looks like

PG's Douglas, Vasquez, Maynor or Williams take your pick

SG Wade, Chandler, Walker

SF Gallo, Chandler

PF Lee (if we can't trade his bitch ass for Dirk), Thomas, Varnado

C O'Neal, Barron, that sack of shit Eddy Curry, and Thomas can play there some.

Donnie could do that shit and not even use all the cap money, unless we got that big German Mutha fucka wit the crack ho girlfriend.

Now Dat is some real shit for yo ass. Now come on you mark ass tricks say some shit I dare ya asses.

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