Know the Prospect: Greivis Vasquez

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Full disclaimer: I have a lifetime hatred for all things Maryland basketball. Their fans break shit for no reason, and Gary Williams sweats too much. However, that being said, Greivis Vasquez will almost definitely be available for the Knicks in the early 2nd round, and could be a great steal at the PG position. This Venezuelan muchacho has tremendous upside, great potential, and buzzword buzzword buzzword Chad Ford word vomit.

On the real, Greivis Vasquez is going to be physically gifted from the get-go as an NBA point guard. At 6'6", his height will give him an advantage over other more diminuitive point guards, along with his outstanding knack for getting to the basket and a neverending will to win. Let's break it down:


- Like I said, his height gives him an outright physical advantage, but the kid plays like a smaller guard. He's quick, and if he works at it, could be a real tough defender at the 1, along with the ability to guard multiple positions.

- Greivis loves to score. In his sophomore, junior, and senior years he averaged 17.0, 17.5, and 19.6 points respectively. Those are huge numbers for college especially given that in his junior and senior seasons he was by no means the only scorer for that Maryland team.

- With his skills he can morph back and forth from the point guard position to the shooting guard position. When asked, Greivis can dish it out, averaging 6.3 assists with a relatively decent 1.87 assist to TO ratio, but at the same time is a great weapon off the ball, with the ability to create his own shot. Check it out:

Maryland Beats Duke Highlights 3/03/2010 (via garthok100)

In probably the biggest game of his career, Greivis spent a lot of time dishing the rock to his teammates, but when it came to crunch time he created his own shots and carried his team on his back.

- He's bilingual. Que bueno.

- The kid is a bigtime leader, and has been since his freshman year. He has a Kobe-like command over his teammates, who actually listen to him and respect him. Most importantly he walks the walk. He takes over games with an emotional will-to-win and loves firing up crowds both home and away. He could thrive in an atmosphere like MSG.

- He has a great motor with tons of stamina. Greivis played a crapton of minutes all 4 years, and still had the energy to take over the ends of key games.

- He is a great all around player who gets a lot of boards for a guard, averaging almost 20, 6, and 5 as a senior while playing in the supercompetitive ACC. He won ACC Player of the Year this past year, no easy feat. The kid impresses people.


- A spotty shooter at best, Greivis tends to struggle with his shot from time to time. Shooting 36% from the college 3 is not all that impressive, and would probably not translate well to the deeper NBA 3. That being said, he has shown the range to be capable of hitting NBA 3's, just not consistently.

- Defense. Focusing too much sometimes on being an offensive player, he has shown some pretty shoddy D at times, and is prone to allowing quicker, smaller guards to beat him into the lane and create opportunities. This is worrisome when it comes to guarding cats like Rondo, Harris, Rose, and Wall frequently who could take him off the dribble.

- Really bad facial hair.

- Cockiness. While in a lot of ways this could translate to a positive, the flip side is that he's really not as good as he thinks he is given his superstar mentality. Maybe a little benchriding in the big show will humble him.


The Greivis Vasquez Shimmy! (via bballbros10)

All in all, I think Greivis has the tools to be a good guard off the bench, and if he works on his defense has the chance to become a player who can get some minutes and become a scoring threat. The kid has a nose for the basket, and I could see him hitting some big shots and firing up the MSG crowd.

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