Does Kerr leaving Phoenix help the Knicks?

So the big breaking news, other than Tom Izzo staying with Michigan St instead of jumping to the NBA (a good decision for him, in my opinion.  I like seeing longtime college coaches display loyalty over riches) is that Steve Kerr is no longer the GM in Phoenix.  It was a sudden thing apparently and the reasons behind it seem to be vague at best.  Some rumors say Phoenix owner, Sarver, wanted Kerr to take a paycut this coming season.  He seems to have a reputation amongst Phoenix fans for being cheap with his money.  Other rumors say that Kerr didn't think Phoenix would open the wallets and continue to compete aso he decided to jump ship.  Kerr himself has said he wants more family time and desires to go back to TV commentating.

 Regardless of the rumors, my question is this:  Given this sudden departure and knowing that Amare Stoudemire is leaving $17 mil on the table so he can sign a max contract somewhere, does Kerr leaving increase the chances that Amare leaves too?

Hope rather than jump...

I was looking over Bright Side of the Sun and seeing their reaction to this.  Seth Pollack, who runs that site, is quite the connected guy and knows things.  He is probably my 2nd favorite Seth.  I'm not saying who #1 is.

Anyways, the Suns fans are pissed that Kerr is leaving.  They seem to feel like Phoenix is very close to getting over their hump and getting close to a championship.  They disagree with Kerr at times, but generally think he makes good decisions and they were mostly feeling Amare would resign (I have been recently thinking the same).  But now that Kerr is gone and they are mostly of the suspicious type in thinking Sarver probably lowballed Kerr, they seem to be feeling that Amare is gone.  They are using the logic of "well, since Phoenix is so tight lipped and vague about this sudden decision, something bad happened.  If Sarver won't pay Kerr (his contract is up June 30) then no way he gives Amare a max (whether or not he deserves it).

  I'd have to agree with that sentiment as Steve Kerr recently saidf how he liked being in Phoenix.  It sounds very unlike him to leave at this particular time, especially with so many free agents available and how Phoenix just went deep into the playoffs.

Bright Side of the Sun also is of the opinion that they do NOT want to give Amare max money, but they understand that some team probably will so if they want him back, its gonna be expensive.  Hard to disagree there too.

I personally think Amare is done  with Phoenix.  Yeah, he wants to get paid, but he wants to win too and if Kerr seemingly doesn't think the Suns are gonna win (as evidence of him leaving), then how much confidence does Amare have?  I agree with the Suns fans that Kerr may have been asked to take a paycut which might indicate they are unlikely to spend a lot of dough in the offseason, despite the talent available.  Of course not all the information has come out about Kerr/Sarver, and surely it never will, but I think if the Knicks want to bring Amare Stoudemire to NY, this situation in Phoenix HAS to favor our chances.


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