I see the future................................. gaze into the crystal ball located in donnie walsh's office

The future of the Knicks looks very bright ... me and donnie walsh have witnessed a vision. In the future i see a man from Ohio who wears # 6 and a tall cowboy looking texan orginally from germany. I see the future and it is looking good for us knick fans...... The whole environment of the knicks is completely turned around. Instead of giving up before halftime.. the knicks are making other teams give up before halftime.. D'Antoni is consistently smiling as his run and gun offense is proving to be one of the best offenses ever. Eddy Curry is positioned next to the D man on the bench where he belongs. DWTDD is becoming a well known pg leading and running the offense with the help of a king from Ohio.




Yes im saying Lebron and Dirk are gunna sign with your NEW YORK KNICKS lol. I know that Dirk is most likely re-signing with the Mavs but if they can lure him with a nice 4 yr contract.. the knicks might have a chance. Signing Dirk gives Lebron more reason to hop on board the knicks train....  Having these two gems as our base in the lineup equals playoffs... dirk and lebron have both made it to the nba finals but lost... maybe combining the talents of the two of them will lead to a win  eventually or maybe even right away...... 

So with these two team leaders as our go to weapons... now we need to have secondary weapons to support our boys with big gunz lol. First theres Gallo a.k.a. The Cock. He has shown the ability to hit shots under pressure from deep .. this will give Lebron and Dirk a legitimate 3rd wheel. So u can say "The KingDirkCock" are our three musketeers or amigos ala Ray Allen, KG, and The Truth(makes me sick to say it). Hopefully gallo will continue to drive to the hoop as he did the end of last year. That makes our big 3 > then the boston fags.  Another option for the 2 big gunz to hand off the ball to is surprise surprise Jermaine O' Neal. I think we should give him a 1 or 2 yr contract and see if he can handle the center position for us. Injuries have dealt him problems in the past so... i wouldnt give him any more than 2 yr contract . But if he plays like he did with indiana.. to quote kesha : the rush is

worth the price i pay ..hahah . we should have plenty of space to sign the three of these guys .. obviously the kingand

dirk gettin more money then jermaine. He brings more rebounding and toughness to the team which we willneed

plus hes a decent option down low at the least. Rounding out the final spot would be DWTDD. With the King

handling the ball alot down the stretch anyway this eliminates the pressure of not being a true pass first pg for TD. It

will give him a chance to play off ball and hit some open jumpers down the stretch. Think of Toney as the knicks

version of Mo Williams who Lebron basically fell in love with. 


Now that we explored our starting five ... its time to look at some key reserves and guys who take up a seat on the bench a.k.a eddy curry. First our sixth man goes by the man of Wilson Chandler a.k.a. slim shady. Everyone made the skinny innocent looking guy out to be a saint. Now we found out he smokes marijuana... lol but hes a nice spark off the bench. he plays good d and can score by driving hard to the bucket and occasionally knocking down a j. When lebron needs a breather this pot-smoking swingman will glady help keep the knicks in-line. Billy "The Bully" Walker is the next to come off the pine. He brings physical toughness off the bench to the team and his option should definetly be picked up. He may not get along with lebron but im sure they would settle differences with a winning team. Now i know duhon who played at duke was an epic fail for the knicks..... but i suggest for jj redick to be signed ASAP... he was a superstar at duke but in the nba it hasnt really translated.. what i see from jj is spelling TD and Cock and hitting 3s off the bench. he is an amazing role player made perfect for a run and gun offense. just imagine having 3 or 4 of the top ten 3 pt shooters lol.......... ( redick, gallo, td, and dirk (maybe))  btw not in any order..... combine that with lebrons ability and a fast pace offense and you got a force to be reckoned with. Next in- line Earl Barron .... the dude averaged a double/double... why not give him at least a spot on the bench for at the very least 1 year. I know it wasnt over an 82 game stretch but if i remember correctly he was pretty decent off the bench for miami and is a good fit in this offense.. so having Earl back up O'Neal for a 2nd time in his career might work out nicely for the 7-footer. 

Now we head into an area which is coming up before any of this happens and is very key to the knicks future. Now i say we trade our 2011 first round pick and cash considerations for a late first round in this years draft. This being cuz i think we are going to at least make a run in the playoffs. This years draft is probably going to be deeper then next years so why not take a shot now instead of later. With this acquired pick i say we select Eric Bledsoe from the University of Kentucky. Bledsoe can handle the ball when The King and DWTDD are absent from the floor. Hes also a possible future starter at pg if toney doesnt work out but lets not get ahead of ourselves.... He can provide some offense with a nice outside shot, strong drives which usually involves contact and strength to finish, and hes a good on ball defender to top it all off. He is also lightning quick in open court. He just needs experience before becoming a true leader on offense but overall he makes a fine player to come off the bench and has plenty of upside. We have 2 2nd rounders..... and these 2 players are probably gunna be more of a project then eric is gunna be. One pick should be Jarvis Varnado. This Mississippi State product gives us a legit and record holding shot blocker. He is very raw offensively but with some work and muscle gain anything is possible. He really wouldn't get much p/t but O'Neal and Nowitski can groom him until he is fully prepared for the struggle of playing against NBA forwards and Centers. He is going to start eventually maybe in 2 or 3 years. Hes got great IQ and 4 yrs. of college under his belt so i say do it up.. we should never pass on this guy or it will come back to haunt us. Now i know alot of ppl here want Mr. Vazquez from Maryland with the other pick but with us already taking Bledsoe i dont really see much sense in taking another pg. Theres just something about him that doesnt really look like it will translate well... idk i could be wrong.. but anyway the other 2nd rounder should be New Mexico's Darrington Hobson. His style of play is similar to Evan Turner who id wish to have but is not very likely. So i say take the next best thing. He can play point forward and provides depth at the swingman position which is key in the run and gun style of offense. This pick is good for the system and provides ability to create his own shot. He has more of a killer instinct then your boy Vazquez does.. Vazquez is just inconsistent and didnt really live up to full expectations this year .. im not saying hes not a good player but i just think hes going to be one of those guys who aren't cut out for the NBA.

So to wrap it all up the Knicks are going to be very busy this offseason and it starts by making good picks in the draft which is in a couple of weeks. I cant wait to see what Donnie does or doesnt do. These are just suggestions and what I believe are team should look like. But im willing to listen to critics of my roster if u think u got something better. I do have confidence in the team i assembled and would gladly play with it on nba 2k11 if anyone wants to challenge lol. I look forward to seeing The King and German in orange and blue next year. Hopefully Donnie realizes the benefits of getttin these two stars... I KNOW I DO!!!!

Lineup: pg- Douglas/ Bledsoe

       sg- King/ Chandler/Walker/JJ Redick

        sf- Cock/Chandler/Walker/Hobson

pf- Dirk/ Chandler/ Varnado

C- O'Neal/ Barron/Varnado/ Curry( i felt bad if i didnt include him since he is under contract but mostly will be in a suit anyways lol)

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