Hello, my name is: Landry Fields

TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsMichaelBourn, presently known as Mike Levin, is the righteous fellow who kept me company during Thursday night's draft. You can find more of his excellent work at Liberty Ballers and Ridiculous Upside. Mike's known for his wit, his NCAA expertise, and his supple thighs. All three are expressed in this profile of Landry Fields. Enjoy. -Seth

I didn't think there was much chance of Landry getting drafted. He's your typical 4-year senior with improving stats as his role on the team grew. Nothing too special -- I was comparing him to Tony Crocker of Oklahoma who graduated this year as well. But upon his being drafted, I went back and read a few things about him, checked out a few clips online and started putting things together.

Since Darington Hobson was selected the pick before, Walsh and co. decided to go with the player in the draft who is most like him. High IQ, crafty scoring touch, great size, solid defense. He got to the line a ton last year and with the Lopez twins gone his junior and senior seasons, upped his rebounding total to 6.6 and 8.8. A good comp for him would be the recently traded Chris Douglas-Roberts. And while he doesn't have a logically cool initials nickname like CDR, he can go by Landarious, LFO, The Luscious Fields of Landry, or Dirty Landry. He also wrote a few blog posts for Draft Express, so that's awfully nice of him.

Here's what said of him coming into Stanford, when he was also pursued by Arizona and Gonzaga:

"Baby-faced, and still not mature yet physically, Fields has a sweet stroke out to the stripe. Quick release. Good understanding of the game. Very big hands -- could get bigger."

Baby-faced AND big hands? If this whole basketball thing doesn't work out, there's always a career in porn for him.  In terms of fitting in with the Knicks, he's similar to Wilson Chandler with more IQ but less athleticism.  Redundancy afoot, it's as if your boys are building a team of wings, with Walker, Giddens, Chandler, and the Cock in the fold. It seemed more pressing to pick up a high-upside big man like Solomon Alabi, Derrick Caracter, Jarvis Varnado, or Latavious Williams. But what do I know, I'm just a doctor.

Upside: Backs up Chandler at the 3 and takes the minutes that McGrady and Harrington have vacated. Plays better defense, shooting a solid percentage without many plays run for him.
Floor: Looks slow and out of his league against stronger, quicker opponents. Can't use his slashing ability to get inside due to a slow first step. Provides nothing that Chandler and Walker already do.

Low ceiling, high floor. Sort of like an apartment for midgets.

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