Know the Prospect: Darington Hobson

If the Knicks draft this guy, we need to draft somebody named Calvin so I can call them "Calvin and Hobbes", even though this guy isn't named Hobbes.

Or as I've seen him called: Darrington 'The F--k HWSNBN and all these HWSNBN posts' Hobson.  More on Hobson after the jump.

Remember the 2010 draft?  Guess what, it's BEFORE July 1st, so let's take around the interwebs and check out what people say about Hobson:

Nate Garth #11, Darington Hobson #1 and A.J. Hardeman #00 of the New Mexico Lobos react late in their 75-69 quarterfinal game victory over the Air Force Falcons during the Conoco Mountain West Conference Basketball tournament at the Thomas & Mack Center March 11, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fun Facts:

-He attended 4 more Highschools then me (that's 5 if you're curious).
-Had to go through JUCO before getting picked up by New Mexico Univ. 
-Had this to say about having to go through JUCO in this article:
-His nickname is 'Butta', picked up from playing in Houston.  Do with that what you will.


w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Bench Press Lane Agility 3/4 Court Sprint Class Rank
6' 5.25" 6' 6.5" 204 6' 9.25" 8' 8.5" 6.2 29.0 34.0 NA 11.68 3.25 NA

-Height and wingspan are a bit small for a swing man, doesn't show crazy hops, but nothing that's a real red flag here.

Stat line

2009-10 35 33.6 15.9 9.3 4.6 3.0 1.5/1 1.3 0.4 1.9 .440 .653 .361 1.26

-His AST/G ranks him 2nd amoung all SF's in 2010, only behind Evan Turner (who really was more a PG for Ohio St.).  Considering there's not a whole lot of New Mexico Univ. ball on TV on the east coast, I have to assume he played a point forward role.  Even after adjusting for pace and minutes played (draftexpress link), he still ranks 2nd.
-FT% at 65%?!  Anyway you spin that, it's not good.  Not a bad 3pt% though.


Game Logs

Here are the highest profile teams the Lobos played this season: (pts/reb/asts)
-Cali (ranked 25 at the time before Pac-10 went into the shit hole): 22/15/3
-Dayton (10-3 at the time): 15/8/7 with 5 steals
-UNLV (13-2, main rival in the MWC along with BYU): 14/7/4
-BYU (20-1, ranked #10 coming in): 5/14/4 on 1-11 shooting (Jimmer had 27 pts)
-BYU (26-1, ranked #11 coming in): 20/14/4 with 7 TO's and a block in the closing seconds to secure the MWC Title (Jimmer had 7 pts)
-Montana (1st round of NCAA): 11/11/6; Hobson hurt his wrist in the beginning of the game
-Washington (in the NCAA tourney, their loss was a blow out): 11/9/2 on 5-11 shooting  (Quincy Pondexter went for 18)


Now what does this tell us?  It tells us he can play up to par with the competition he's facing, including beating BYU twice this year.  It also tells us he's rarely had to play against an elite swing man in the NCAA, so it's a bit hard to guage where he stands against some of th best. 

The one time he went up against a potential NBA swingman (Pondexter), his whole team got blown out.  Hobson was also sporting a left wrist injury from the 1st round.   Aside from him and his teammate Dairese Gary, there's really no one else on the team that can provide offense. 

So my main take away is he was more Pipeen to Gary's Jordan if you will.  Hobson has demonstrated over and over in all these game logs is that he's not going to take the game over offensively, but more in all the little things, passing, help defense, rebounding, etcHe's not going to overwhelm and put his team on his back, but more of a 'glue' player, in the Shane Battier mode.

Scouting Report:

DraftExpress Breakdown-

Left-handed, Hobson is a very good ball-handler for his size, looking very comfortable attacking opponents off the dribble from the perimeter in one on one situations. He has excellent footwork and timing on his drives, and is a pretty fluid all-around player, displaying a high skill level and advanced scoring instincts. Although his first step is not very quick, Hobson has a knack for getting his man off-balance through shot-fakes and hesitation moves, and does a great job initiating (and exaggerating) contact to get to the free throw line.

Once putting the ball down, Hobson has very good court vision to find the open man, as evidenced by the 5+ assists per-40 he currently averages. He shoulders a heavy load for New Mexico offensively, but is an unselfish player who does a good job of getting others involved, sporting an advanced basketball IQ.

While Hobson does a good job creating scoring opportunities for himself and others, he isn’t quite as effective at finishing plays. His shooting percentages from inside the arc leave a lot to be desired at just 43%, a reflection of his struggles finishing around the rim (due to his lack of explosiveness) in traffic, coupled with his often-poor shot-selection.

Hobson loves to pull up off the dribble in the mid-range area, but is not particularly effective when doing so. He makes a number of head-scratching decisions over the course of pretty much every contest he plays in, as evidenced by his high turnover rate. It’s a different story in catch and shoot situations, though, as Hobson is fairly effective with his feet set, knocking down 38% of his 3-point attempts this season, albeit on a relatively small number of attempts. The paltry percentage he converts from the free throw line (62%), though, is likely an indication that he still has work to do on his jump-shot.

Defensively, Hobson puts a solid effort in and appears to be fairly smart, but is unfortunately limited by his average physical tools. Spending heavy minutes at the power forward position, Hobson has problems guarding the perimeter, as he does not possess great lateral quickness. On the plus side, Hobson does a very good job crashing the defensive glass, coming up with a solid 7.4 defensive boards per-40 minutes pace adjusted.

 Chad Ford on Bill Simmons' Podcast in March

Chad Ford- "Has a little bit of a Penny Hardaway feel to him...Kind of does everything for them, I'm not in love with him, but he's not that explosive athletically...not that far away from Evan Turner"

-Sounds to me like a homeless man's version of TMac (Pre 2008 version).  Also sounds a bit sketchy that he while he has a high basketball IQ, he also makes a number of questionable plays.  Also, while he's not a very good pull up shooter, he can move off the ball and do 'catch and shoot' farely well. 

Here's him talking:


Highlight Montage?
I typed in New Mexico Vs. BYU hoping for some highlights from that game, this is what I got:


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